Resort-Wear Fashion Finds Of The Year

The summer of 2012 introduced some vibrant and colourful fashion trends. From the beach to the bar the emphasis was definitely on colourful prints and geometric shapes. Bright colours and basic cuts were easily accessorised to create and if anything 2013 looks like being an even more ostentatious year!

Maxi Dress

Probably one of the most popular trends of 2012, at home and abroad, was the maxi dress. The ability to dress it up, or dress it down make it a must have in any woman’s 2013 summer wardrobe. From embellished to plain, to bright and bold, maxi dresses were seen the world over. The fact that they can flatter almost any figure meant that this popular style was open to all. This showed a real trend towards flowing and feminine looks, with bold patterns and floral styles. Teamed with gladiator sandals or embellished flip flops it allowed women to look and feel special even when just walking down the beach.

Tunic Dress

Although the long flowing style of maxi dresses almost dominated summer 2012, the short and retro style of the tunic dress was also popular. Chiffon and embellished cuffs and collars made the tunic dress popular as evening wear. We also saw basic versions of the tunic dress on the beach as an alternative to a beach dress. They made a great transition from beach to restaurant without losing their classic elegant look. The tunic dress suits many bright colours and patterns, their intricate embellishments also meant that they required little accessories.


This year the humble sandal was almost overtaken by the ever popular newcomer – espadrilles. Popular with both men and women, the comfy and versatile footwear proved a hit with both the young and old. The fact that they come in a variety of colours made them easy to accessorise and popular for holidays in the sun. The smart look of the shoe also meant that they could be worn easily during the evening without looking too casual. 

Roll Top Trousers

Espadrilles and roll top trousers seemed to go hand in hand in 2012, teaming them with a strappy or a cropped top was a popular look for tourists and holiday makers. Often seen during a lazy afternoon at a beach side cafe, roll top trousers were a comfy alternative to shorts or linen trousers. Again, the trend of bright colours and animal prints will be a strong theme with roll top trousers in 2013.

Animal Print Swimwear

Down by the pool swimwear certainly showed its fierce side with a strong trend in animal print. Leopards, tigers, zebras and snakes all make an appearance in many colours and styles. Cut-out one-piece swimsuits really dominated the animal print trend as well as bikinis and printed sarongs. The tabloids of summer 2012 were full of celebrities sporting a delicious array of animal prints. Indeed, Coleen Rooney was sanpped early in 2013 sporting Vix swimwear in Barbados. Sunglasses also seemed to be part of this trend with animal print frames being popular as an accessory to swimwear.

Summer 2013 has a lot to live up to but designer swimwear appears set to stay. 

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This article was written by lifestyle blogger J Piggz. 

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