Simon G: Mingle Fashion with Affordability

earringsFashionable jewelries are best friends of every woman. From earrings to wedding rings, they want everything stylish which they can flaunt in front of their peers. There are some notable companies who have gained popularity among others for many years in the row. One such name that deserves mention is Simon G. Jewelry. Good quality products and at affordable rates, makes it a deadly combination for all. From Simon set to wedding rings, each and every piece is made with quality craftsmanship and under strict guidance. Available in different ranges, these pieces are made out of finely cut diamonds and expensive stones which will enhance the beauty of the wearer, for sure.

Simon Ghanimian: the man with the magical touch

Simon Ghanimian is the pioneer behind the world famous Simon G. Jewelry. With hard working values and mantra, his success story is an inspirational one for many. Making good quality jewelries was in his blood from tender age and with passing time, it turns out to be his passion, which he cannot live without.  After few years, he started his journey from Beirut to Los Angeles and it was then, that he thought of opening up his own business. In the beginning he got support from his wife, Silva. In present years, there are 60 employees working under him and his work is sold out over 900 locations.rh_rings1

A little about Simon G. Jewelry

It is a family oriented and operated jewelry manufacturing business which is considered to be one of the topmost brands in the entire world. It is known for creating some of the finest quality engagement rings and jewelries for bridal purposes. There are some premium quality fashion jewelries which are manufactured under expert guidance. These products are made out of finest quality diamonds and colorful stones to add a glaze to the entire piece. This brand is also famous for incorporating multi tones fashion jewelry with rose gold, which is the new invention of Simon G. Jewelry. It has helped the company gain quite a lot of recognition and awards.

Simon G. Jewelry never compromises with their products and are truly dedicated in providing the customers with finest quality jewelries which will last for a longer period of time. Available in different price ranges and designs, it has loads of beautifully crafted accessories for both men and women that stand the test of time.

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