Smart Shoppers Can Save Money Buying Jewellery

When considering a jewellery purchase, it’s tough trying to balance what you can afford with what you want to buy. But follow our simple steps and that dream piece could be yours for less than you might think.

Trade In

If there is no other way of getting your dream piece of jewellery that is just out of your price range, consider trading in some jewellery that you have and either don’t wear and are happy to sell. By all means talk to the seller of the piece you are looking at, but consider that you may get the best price from another buyer. Compare the costs online of bulk selling gold or try online market places for unusual items. If buying a special piece for a loved one, a gold watch or an engagement ring, you are certain not to regret the trade off.

Consider Second Hand

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it; buying second hand is usually a great way of getting something that you want for a lower cost than buying new. This is idea if you are looking for a unique piece that has not been mass produced. If you know your stuff, or know someone that does, rummaging through markets and antiques fairs might lead you to find the piece of a life time for a fraction of the cost. If you are not too savvy on jewellery pieces, pop in to a reputable second hand dealer to browse the selection. Build a relationship with some of your local retailers and ask them to give you a call if they get a specific item in.

Don’t Forget the Sales!

There are more to the sales periods than getting up at 4am to trample through the crowds for cheap garments, jewellers have sales too! It’s usually best to visit a shop beforehand to make sure you have had a good look at the piece before the sale starts, but keep an open mind to other items so you are not disappointed if your piece has sold out or not been reduced. This is a great idea for expensive, one off items such as engagement rings.

Voucher Codes

A massively underrated way of buying jewellery for a fraction of the cost is to use a voucher. These are available for many online jewellers as well as high street retailers nationally and locally. The best places to check are in local papers, retailer’s websites and online forums for voucher codes. Keep an eye out on cash-back sites as well to see if you can receive cash back after the sale.

Buy Jewellery Online

Searching the internet is a great way to search for the ideal piece you are looking for. Most big jewellers have a website that allows you to view the items before buying online, but don’t rule out online jewellers that operate online only. They often have much smaller over heads and are able to offer cheaper prices as a result. Exercise a reasonable amount of caution; check the credentials of the website, the guarantees they offer, payment methods, delivery options and the returns policy and you are good to go!

It doesn’t matter what the piece, what the occasion, whether you are buying for yourself of for someone special, we all like to fee like we’ve had a deal when buying jewellery. Follow our guidelines above and you are sure to save yourself a pound or two!

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Buying jewellery is something Ross Davies has very recent experience of. He recently bought his wife a diamond ring and by following some money saving tips he found an excellent ring at a bargain price. Ross is a blogger who writes about jewellery, weddings and money saving tips.

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