Spring Fashion Trends For 2013

Summer may seem like a long way away but spring is creeping closer. It’s never too early to check out the new spring fashion trends for 2013 and many fashionistas are already prepping their closets to be fashion ready. The catwalks around the world see some extravagant outfits that only super skinny models or celebrities can wear, which may be leaving you stuck for inspiration. Not to worry, in this interesting and informative article, we look at the latest spring fashion trends for 2013 that are also the most wearable. Look stylish and fashionable while still being comfortable.

Spring Fashion Trends 2013

Bermuda shorts

One of the major attractions on the catwalks for spring are the Bermuda shorts. This is one of the best fashion trend items because almost anyone can pull them off and they can be worn for both a casual or smart casual look. The Bermuda shorts are perfect for spring as they still cover a lot of the leg but definitely have that ‘summer is coming’ look. They come in an array of patterns, fabrics and styles that can suit anyone. A definite spring fashion trend that is wearable.

Black and white

Although when one thinks about spring fashion trends and its colours, pastels and floral prints come to mind. For 2013 we will see a lot of that but also more unusually, the comeback of black and white. Many fashion shows exhibiting their fashion trends for spring 2013 saw black and white looks everywhere. This fashion trend is great as it can be worn in all seasons, it’s easy to pull off, can fit anyone’s budget and the look can be pulled off for either an office meeting or sexy date.

Statement glasses

Another addition to the latest fashion trends for spring 2013 is the fun and stylish statement glasses. Statement glasses were seen gracing the beautiful faces of many models on the catwalks and they are a quirky and fun addition to any outfit. This fashion trend is easy on the bank and one can be as creative as they like with this look. Think heart shaped sunglasses, bright colours and different shapes.

Beautiful beads

In the new spring fashion trends for 2013, we see beautiful and intricate beading a major player. This is a feminine and graceful look that is great for a smarter look, a smart casual look paired with jeans or an everyday look too. Definitely one of the fashion trends to keep an eye on.  

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