Steps For Choosing A Formal Dress You’ll Be Proud Of


Formal clothes have always been infamous for being very uncomfortable. However, they don’t need to be uncomfortable especially if you know how and where to look. The trick is to find simple yet good clothing that will not squeeze your body. You should also stick with purchasing colors and styles that you’ll feel confident in. Also, when everything else fails you need to have a backup plan i.e. if the garment you’ve purchased in haste turns out to be uncomfortable.

Your clothes should be flattering

Whether you are burying a formal dress online or from a local store you want to make sure to buy a dress which makes you look the best. If you are very self-conscious about the way you look the wrong dress can make you feel uncomfortable on a mental level during the occasion. So, looking your best is obviously the very first step. To find a good formal dress you’ll have to identify a few things:

  • Your problem areas: If you have stout or short legs then wearing heeled shoes will work to elongate your legs creating an illusion of slenderness. If you have some fat around your stomach you should avoid wearing tight garments which make it more obvious. You should also opt to hide areas of which you feel self-conscious, choosing styles and cuts that hide them.
  • Bring out your positives: If you have a great looking arm then wear a sleeveless dress. If you have great blue eyes then wear a color like green, orange or yellow that makes your eyes stand out. So, by drawing attention to the parts of your body you love you’ll feel less uncomfortable about the parts you’re not so happy with this will improve your confidence.
  • Choose a color that will compliment your skin tone: Generally speaking people who have pink undertones have really cool skin and people with yellow undertones have warmer skin. People with cool skin tones will look good in blue, violet, silver, pink and turquoise. Warm skin tones match colors like brown, red, orange, yellow, gold, and various tones of green.

Steer clear on styles which are uncomfortable

There are some formal dress styles that often prove to be more problematic as compared to others. You should steer clear of styles that end up making you feel uncomfortable both mentally and physically. There are a few variables to consider when purchasing a dress which include:

  • The dress should never feel too tight. When you’re trying on your formal dress it shouldn’t be suffocating. It should be easy to move in, that said tight clothing can also make you feel larger or probably chubbier. If you tend to lose and gain lots of weight in a short period of time buy something that is an inch or so larger than what you currently are.
  • Also avoid strapless dresses. Only buy a strapless dress if you comfortable wearing it. Most women are unaccustomed to this style especially since they do not wear this type of dress every day. This of course makes them feel uncomfortable.  If a strapless dress makes you feel self-conscious then you’ll probably go through the night tugging on the neckline which will make your discomfort very noticeable. You’re better off opting for a dress with sleeves.
  • Your formal dress needs to be tailored to fit. This is an option only if you can afford it. Getting formal attire tailored is the best option. However, you can always purchase a formal dress in online which is close to the size you want and then get it altered slightly to fit with the option to loosen it out when you gain weight. This will help you feel more confident.

Always have a backup plan

You need to be ready for things if they turn worse. There are a few things you should have in stock:

  • You should have an extra pair of shoes. If your formal shoes are too uncomfortable despite wearing bandages and foot pads you’ll need to switch to something less formal. Your backup shoes can be black or white both of which are universally formal. These can work as backup shoes for other dresses as well.

You should keep everything in place using double stick fashion tape. Fashion tape helps to make garments stick to your skin preventing an accidental and embarrassing slide. This is very helpful if you’re wearing a strapless dress or other revealing neckline. The tape helps to prevent movement in the fabric which prevents unfortunate malfunctions.

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Mark is a fashion designer with a degree from the Melbourne school of Fashion. He has over a decade of experience as a designer and runs his own brand of formal clothing.