Strut Your Texas Tech Outfit

Whether you are a fresher, sophomore, or an alumni, the university jersey is a must have in your closet, either to proudly strut or to show your texas tagteam spirit and support. Texas tech stores have grown in number and in the variety of offerings with the university colors and designs screaming from every single fiber. The designs have improved and a modern aggressive touché has been added in keeping with the spirit of the institute. In fact, the offerings have extended beyond clothing to include other Texas tech merchandise such as mobile skin, bags, golf balls etc. to show your solidarity with the alma mater.

The Clothes

So you can buy clothes – inside outside, top, bottom any place you please, for men, women, and kids. The Texas Tech Red Raider screaming from the shirt fronts will make the passersby envious of your background for more reasons than not having been in the Texas Tech. Of course, anyone can pick the cool tees, jerseys, and caps to show solidarity or simply for style. Some of the clothing apparel like the racer backs for women or the jerseys for men simply spell “cool” all over. The toddler onesies with “Lil red raiders” or “newest red raiders” are must have gears for Texas Tech babies!

The Other Merchandise

The Texas Tech stores offer a host of different merchandise with the university logo displayed on them or cool University taglines mentioned that one can pick from. The merchandise is available in various categories, ranging from hats, kitchen articles, gardening stuff, sports equipments, automotive apparels, and jewelry to name a few. The theme is of course red and black, staying true to the university colors. There is a special segment for the family members of the alumni where they can pick stuff declaring their undying loyalty and pride too.

The Thrift Store Collection

This is probably where most of the students would first look in for as the name suggests, things offered here are inexpensive. There are t-shirts, racerbacks, and pullovers for men and women; and the prices are in the range of $20 to $40.

Red Raider Team Support

If you are a hardcore fan of the Red Raider team, then the best way to show your solidarity is to sport the team colors. You can pick T-shirts, jerseys, helmets, and pullovers with the team colors splashed on them along with strong comments. You can also pick army tees to show solidarity to the US troopers.

Graduation Special

Graduation is a special moment that happens only once in our lifetimes. Even if it is your second or third graduation, there is no reason to not celebrate it with full pomp because you’ve truly earned it! The Texas Tech Merchandise graduation range includes diploma frames, flasks, mugs, pouches, calendars, tumblers, canvas, and much more. With these displayed on your office desk or at home, everyone would know where you started out from.

E-gift Cards

You can now gift your friend or family a Texas tech souvenir by giving them an e-gift card, which they can encash at the online store to pick anything they wish from the wide range of offering. The collection, of course, can match up to any occasion, be it graduation, weddings, baby showers or simply your boss’s birthday.

The Texas Tech merchandise stores will hold special meaning for those who are residents of Texas and for those who are or have been students at the university. These souvenirs are a good way to keep a part of the old school and also to give back as proceeds from the sales go towards the university development.

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J.Mike Walbert, a Texan has an innate passion for sports. He claims to be wedded to Texas Tech and routine expresses his love for the team. When it comes to rooting for Texas Tech you can consult Walbert for some interesting ideas. Walbert particularly recommends Red Raider Outfitter to Texas Tech lovers for exciting sports merchandise.

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