T Shirts – Fashion Statement Or Social Faux Pas?

T Shirt (noun): a simple piece of clothing, usually with short sleeves and no collar, that covers the top part of the body – Cambridge Dictionaries Online.

Let’s face it, we all love a T shirt. They’re cheap, cheerful and you can buy them anywhere. They also come in an amazing variety of colours, cuts and styles. Oh, and they go with pretty much everything. The T shirt is probably the one item of clothing that every person on the planet owns, whether they’re interested in fashion or merely see clothes as a way to keep warm.

However, with the rise of slogan T shirts it has become amazingly easy to commit clothing misuse. We understand that there is no accounting for taste, but some people just seem to get it so very wrong when it comes to making a statement with their T shirt.

Here are some of the worst offenders:

side_Buttman Black t shirts

The designer T shirt

If you want to spend more than the average persons’ wages on designer clothing then be our guest, however spending £££ on a T shirt is just plain silly.

Designer T shirts usually have the brand logo or name plastered all over it, so not only are you spending an obscene amount of money on something that probably cost £1.50 to make, but you’re also not being every subtle about it either. It’s not big, it’s not clever, and people will just think you’ve got more money than sense.

The ‘Tapout’ (MMA) T shirt

Usually worn by those who wouldn’t last 5 minutes if they were actually to take part in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), or those who do take part and want to advertise to the world that they are a ‘hard man’.

Seriously guys if you’re really involved in the sport then your physique will speak for itself, it doesn’t need the help of a T shirt that puts the ‘ass’ in ‘badass’. If you’re not involved in the sport, step away from the T shirt now, you’ll only get hurt if you wear it.

The boobs/sexy/real woman T shirt

We get it, you have boobs and you’re a woman. There’s no need to advertise it on your clothing. This type of T shirt is usually worn in a size that is slightly too small by someone who is slightly too big for it, and not in an ironic way!

The drug T shirt

What you’re doing is illegal and no one finds it amusing, except perhaps your stoner mates. Either way, you don’t look cool.

The political T shirt

Anyone who is genuinely interested in political figures such as Che Guevara isn’t going to be caught dead in a T shirt with his face on it. This means that anyone you see wearing a T shirt with his face on it probably has no real idea of who he is or why he is significant.

If you’re into funny T shirts then it’s time to face facts, sometimes you’re going to look cool, sometimes you’re not. It’s hit and miss with T shirts, but approach the above designs with caution.

Rob Rudd is a keen writer and regularly contributes to several blogs. He is also a fairly rare male in that he enjoys wandering around the clothes shops on a Saturday morning to update his wardrobe.

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