T Shirts to Flaunt in Summer

Summer is here and it is time to bring out the bright colored and flower patterned t-shirts and dresses, with shorts and trousers, not just to beat the heat, but to also match the mood. It is difficult to not have a smile on our face as the summer breeze wafts and the promenades are all dotted with colourful flowers as people race for the beaches and parks with colourful balls, kites, frisbees, and barbecue sets along with chilled beer and kids and pets in tow. People’s summer cheer is easily reflected on the clothes they wear and the vibrant colors they flaunt.t shirts

What to Wear for Women?

Women in pleasing summer dresses with frills and flower patterns, which have been accessorized with scarves, hats, and pretty shoes give the appearance of being on the sets of ‘Pretty Women’. This summer the ‘in’ colours include lime yellow, fluorescents, and different flower patterns. A lot of bold colourful patterns and geometric designs are also quite liked by the ladies. Beachwear needs to be given as much attention since most of us will be spending a lot of time on the sands. Retro prints, sharp colours, and long tees with girlie captions or cartoon characters coupled with white shorts sound chick.

What to Wear for Men?

It’s time to pull on some light colors – neither sober nor loud, to match your trousers.  Turquoise, lime, floral prints and geometric designs are the do’s that are ‘in’ this summer. The color ‘yellow’ in all its shades screams “summer” and is a great way to show your exhilaration. Couple t-shirts of these colors with cool checkered shorts and loafers and you are set to hit the streets. You can also pull on a light jacket over your cool tee to complete the class act.

What to Wear for Kids?

Kids look great in bright colours, be it any season. However, you can make your pretty li’l girl more charming with lots of pinks and yellows with a flowery bow stock on her t-shirt and a short frilly skirt complementing it. You can match the hair accessories with similar bows and colored hair bands with flowers on them. The boys can pick up cool tees with their favorite cartoons and Dinos printed on the front and pair it with a baseball cap and shorts to be ready to get messed in the field. Children’s t-shirts must be of cotton material as it absorbs perspiration. Also, since it is the season for them to roll and tumble on the grass, the cotton fabric is the easiest to maintain.

Accessories to Match

Accessorize with cool scarves, summer hats, glares, and light jewellery. A lot depends on your sense of style. For the fashionistas, women can use chiffon material tops and men can wear the satin version or the light cotton. For professionals, formal wear can also be matched with the summer feel by picking light coloured shirts and t-shirts, probably a lot of whites in lightweight materials. Children need clothes that are tough, comfortable and give them room to look their best, while they are on with their activities; hence, cotton is most recommended.

Summer spells sweat and grime, but even these can be beaten in style with happy colours to match the mood.


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Clara Grundy works for Tiger People Clothiers, a one stop store for everything LSU. She loves to spread the word about LSU merchandise and regularly blogs about sports fashion.

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