Ten Iconic Diana Dresses On Auction


Ten of Princess Diana’s most famous dresses will be going on under the hammer at Kerry Taylor Auctions, in Bermondsey, on the 19th of March. The complete collection of designer dresses is valued at a minimum of £600,000 and includes creations by Zandra Rhodes, Catherine Walker, Bruce Oldfield and Victor Edelstein.

Whilst Diana is best remembered for her extensive charity work and her humanitarianism, she is also celebrated for her incredible fashion sense. Over time the Princess collected an impressive selection of timeless gowns.

The designer dresses were originally on sale at a charity auction in New York, in June 1997, at Diana’s request, a mere two months before her death.

Fit for a Princess

The collection promises to live up to the expectations created by its title; ‘Fit for a Princess: Important dresses formerly in the collection of Diana’, including several iconic designer pieces. Kerry Taylor Auctions claim that several of the gowns were worn on state visits to Austria, Brazil, India, South Korea and the United States.

One of the most famous is certainly the off the shoulder, midnight blue silk velvet dress by Victor Edelstein that she wore to the White House ball in 1985. It was on that occasion that the Princess shared a dance with Saturday Night Fever star, John Travolta.

Another favourite is a pink, embroidered evening gown which Diana wore to India in 1992 (the same visit where she was photographed alone in front of the Taj Mahal), as well as the Catherine Walker dress she wore when photographed for Vanity Fair by Mario Testino, her favourite photographer.

The Star of the Show

Interestingly the dress that will likely garner the highest price will do so not because of the designer behind it or the occasion it recalls but, because it’s rumoured to be stained with a tiny handprint, possibly made by a little prince? The dress in question is a long sleeved, green velvet design by Edelstein, worn in 1985.

It’s true that the dresses deserve to be preserved based on their own merits of design but, more importantly, they need to be treasured for the memories they evoke of a much loved princess, now long gone.

Kelly Taylor expects the designer dresses to fetch over £800,000. One can only hope that they buyer or buyers will conserve the dresses and allow them to be exhibited, keeping the memories alive of a terrific, yet tragic princess.

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