Ten Sports To Get The Body Of Your Dreams:

Exercising regularly is essential not only to maintain health but also to prevent obesity. If you’re worried about your body and you’ve been thinking about needing to lose something more than “a few pounds,” we’ll give you some original and fun sports ideas to put into practice. Cheer up!

It is clear: sport and weight loss are concepts that go hand in hand. Instead of dieting and more diets, if what we want is to lose weight in a healthy and effective way, it is best to look for some good sport to lose weight.

Of course, we warn you that you will have to do your part if you want to shape your body at your whim, miracles do not exist! Only if you follow a balanced diet and exercise your body every day, you will gradually lose the excess weight. And not only that, because the sport is also very beneficial for our health: it strengthens the heart, increases our self-esteem, triggers dopamine and serotonin, allows us to disconnect and eliminate stress … In the end, it will make you happier!

Zumba: lose weight in a fun way

What is it? 

If your thing is to dance, but at the same time you are looking for an effective way to lose weight, Zumba is the training you need. This complete sport combines Latin rhythms with high and low-intensity exercises so that you lose weight in a fun way.


In addition to losing weight quickly, Zumba improves your flexibility, strengthens your muscles and your heart, improves balance and coordination … And it also allows you to increase your levels of self-esteem and your good mood. You will leave each class full of energy!

Sh’bam, the dance to lose calories

What is it?

The Sh’bam is a dance that equates to a moderately intense cardio exercise. It is about dancing electronic rhythms, which will make you feel like a real star, while working your body to strengthen your muscles and, of course, lose weight.


During the choreographies of Sh’bam, you will move your whole body, from shoulders to chest and hips. The warm-up will give way to 35 minutes of the choreography of moderate intensity, to end with a few stretches of low intensity. A Sh’bam class usually lasts about 45 minutes, in which you lose about 506 calories.

Elipdoor: for steel legs

What is it? 

With maximum effectiveness, this sports activity is a “calorie killer.” It is the fashionable activity after the spinning fever and is that the indoor is the same but on an elliptical. Elipdoor is an activity accessible to all, which consists of the use of an elliptical machine in a room, in class and in a group, guided by a sports monitor that proposes different intensities to simulate a specific course. And, of course, accompanied by music!


This sport is excellent for those who want to lose weight quickly burn many calories in a minimum of time (900 kcal in 45 min) while toning and shape the glutes and thighs. Further, the indoor will allow you to improve your cardiovascular condition.

You will sweat a lot while having fun and music will help you with motivation, so you do not give up! In fact, if your gym does not yet exist in this mode, we recommend that you practice with your own music: a fast song to give many pedals as if it were down and a slower song, up, for greater intensity.