The 4c’s That Define Diamonds Quality and Value

Buying a diamond ring whether it’s an engagement ring or a wedding ring is a big thing. It’s an important decision and you have to ensure that everything goes on well. You have to ensure that you get the best quality diamond for the money you are investing. So, how will you know the difference between a high quality diamond and a low quality one? Read along to understand the 4c’s that define diamonds quality.diamond

The diamond industry is elaborate with systems and standards that define its operations. It has the unique mandate of grading and categorizing diamonds by issuing guidelines that cluster diamonds into different classes. This grading comes in handy when buying the diamonds and a thorough knowledge of them will enable you to become an authority in categorizing them. Jewelers often use the 4C’s in determining the value and quality of stock that they have. The 4C’s are cut, clarity, color and carat. Below is a brief insight into each and how it affects the worthy of these precious metals:

Cut of the diamond

As opposed to most people especially those who have never interacted with diamonds, the cut of a diamond does not represent its shape rather its reflective qualities. This attributes affect the brilliance of diamonds because the cut determines the angles on which the light rays fall and are reflected. In the well cut type, the light enters through the top area called the table and hits on the side before being reflected back through table. This happens to be one of the most critical properties of diamonds and a clear understanding of it can easily unravel the journey through the mysteries lying in the beauty of these precious stones.


The clarity of diamonds is an element that touches on their origin and formation. During the formation stages of diamonds, some emerge with inner flaws and inclusions.

Clarity is therefore determined by among other things the visibility of the inclusions. The more visible they are the lesser he quality of the diamonds. Apart from the visibility, the size of the flaws also is a major determinant. Larger inclusions lower the value of diamonds. Clear diamonds have more brilliance and as such are highly priced.

Diamonds color

The color of diamond plays a pivotal role in their value and quality. The scientific concept of refraction is such that light bends when it changes from one media to another.

The less the color of a diamond, the higher the grade; the diamonds are graded from D to Z. D represents the lowest grade of diamond which is pale yellow while Z is the highest grade of diamonds and is translucent. Purely colorless diamonds are very expensive and are also rare. A colorless diamond allows easy passage of light which leads in the light being dispersed as the color of rainbow.


Carat refers to the unit of weighing diamonds. The weight of diamond ranges from 0.01 to 1.00 because 1 carat is subdivided into 100n points. It is also worth mentioning that 1 carat of diamond is equal in weight to 1/5 of a gram (200 milligrams). Carat is the best way to establish the value of diamond and there no 2 diamonds that are identical. This is so because even if the diamonds weigh the same they differ in their cut, color and clarity. The carat of diamond impacts on its price. The more the carat of diamond the more expensive it is. For instance, two half-carat stones are less valuable than a single full carat diamond ring.

It’s worth mentioning that when shopping for the perfect diamond ring you need to put into consideration the jeweler. An experienced and well established jeweler will definitely deliver more quality work as compared to an amateur. You can ask for recommendations for a reputable jeweler from your friends and colleagues. Also, in the contemporary world you can get great jewelers on the online platform. The best thing with getting a jeweler online is that you will be able to vet his work from the feedback and comments from his customers. In addition, you will get that perfect diamond ring at very competitive prices.

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