The Combination Of Hard And The Soft: Structured Dresses Made With Lace Collars

Dresses made with lace collars are a fashion statement that combines style and elegance with a harsher edge. There is a contrast that is inherent in these pieces, as the demure lace lays atop a singular fabric base. There are several different variations and options in dresses made with lace collars. They can be as varied as the women that wear them. The following explains more about some of the design differences in these dresses and what makes them unique.

Sweet and Demure

One popular option in dresses made with lace collars are those that are soft and demure in their aesthetic. These dresses use a lace collar to accent a sweet look of an underlying frilly or feminine colored fabric. Soft peaches, pinks, ivories, and other pastels are the most common base in this style and one that can work for those who want to go the more coquettish or Lolita style in their dress choices. These dresses made with lace collars are great for many occasions. They are popular options at weddings, at social gatherings, and even at work functions. The design is beautiful but will not be shockingly overt in the color or in the length. Usually these dresses made with lace collars are a hemline that hits at or just above the knee making them sweet without being too short. 

yellow lace dress

Sassy and Dark

Dresses made with lace collars can also come in contrasting hues and colors. In these design choices, the color is a soft ivory or pale lace that overlays a darker colored base. Unlike the aforementioned sweet and demure options, these are highly contrasting: the base color is dark and the lace is much lighter. In these pieces, the lace is meant to stand out in contrast to the usually black or gray base. This allows the beautiful lace design to be the feature and can act almost like a necklace. Coupling these dresses made with lace collars with a bright pair of tights or a high heel can make them perfect for a night out or if dark stockings and Mary Jane shoes are paired with them, they can be great for the office as well.

Know What You Need

When choosing dresses made with lace collars to fill your closet, assess your needs and where you will be wearing the piece. As highlights, there are many different options so understanding the venue in which it is meant to be worn can be great in making the appropriate selection for your needs. Seek a more professional option for the office or boardroom or a flirtier choice for a party or social gathering. Make sure that the hemline, as aforementioned, is at an appropriate length and couple a shoe that will complement the design aesthetic rather than detract from it. Remember that a necklace is unnecessary when you are wearing dresses made with lace collars and instead spice the outfit up with a well-chosen earring or bracelet. Have fun, know your venue, and the right dress made with a lace color will be easy to discern.

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