The Do’s and Don’ts of Denim

A good pair of jeans can make you look hot and feel great. A bad pair of jeans can make you look sloppy or dumpy and feel self-conscious. Choosing the right pair of jeans is absolutely essential to getting a fashionable look and feeling your very best.india jeans demand

Unfortunately, choosing the right pair of jeans is not as intuitive as it may seem. Just trying on several pairs and waiting until you see one you like is not the best strategy. It is important to evaluate each pair of jeans with the right criteria to make sure you are getting the best match.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts of denim to help you in your selection casual clothing criteria:

Getting the Right Fit

To get the right look, you do need to get the right fit. However, the right fit is not always the pair of jeans that you can squeeze into. If you have a muffin top when you put on your jeans, the fit is a don’t. Your jeans can hug your curves without squeezing your flesh in unattractive ways. Make sure that your jeans show off your assets without pushing them over the edge.

Choosing the Right Color

Jeans now come in a rainbow of colors, but the classic blue denim will always provide the most fashionable look. When it comes to classic denim, you still have a few choices in a range of hues. Do choose a darker blue for the most attractive look, no matter what size or shape your body. Don’t choose lighter or acid-wash stains as these can make you look heavier and more sloppy, even if you are naturally thin.  Darker colors will give you a slim and tailored look that will appear put together and fashionable. Lighter colors will make you look like a fashion amateur, and immature.

Find the Right Cut

Not all cuts work for all body types, and you do need to find the right cut for your shape. Pear shapes that have wider hips and thighs look best in jeans with a low-cut waist and a leg with flare. Apple shapes and naturally thin types with smaller hips and thighs look best in a tapered leg or a skinny jean. Understanding the different styles and the effects they produce can help you make the best choice for your body shape, which will help you achieve the best look for you.

There are hundreds of choices for denim; in style, fit, color and quality. You are sure to find a great pair of jeans at any clothing retailer like American Eagle and Gap. For those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their home, online retail is a valuable solution. Websites like has a wide variety of denim, leading in fashion and consumer friendly.