The Urban Style – The Style Of Choice For Men In 2013

Major design labels in London, Milan, New York and Paris have already launched their fashion lines for spring and summer of 2013, and it looks like this year will be an amalgamation of classic and urban styles for men. It seems that high fashion designers such as Italy’s Salvatore Ferragamo are paying attention to the best-looking color combinations and designs that have come from the urban scene in recent years, and they are adapting these looks into their new designs.

For many years, hip-hop artists and skateboarding personalities have shown their appreciation for certain labels. These preferences eventually evolved into design houses like Sean Combs’ own Sean John and Airwalk’s incursion into stylish attire. Traditional designers have watched these urban labels over the years; they feel flattered and at the same time they are paying attention to the styles that urban labels are helping to create. In 2013, major designers are returning the favor by incorporating elements of urban style. 

Basic Wardrobe Conventions for 2013

Slim is in. The baggy, oversized look is almost completely out of style. Classics like denim, khakis, bomber jackets, trench coats, and dress shirts are getting a slightly modernized look. Adding a dash of military-style garment and accessories is fine. The classic urban colors of dark grey, black, brown, and olive drab are never going out of style. With the hasty exit of baggy and oversized clothing, it is very important for men to stay fit in order to look good.mens wear

Sporting the Urban Look in 2013

Slacks, shirts and jackets have all gone slim, but not skinny. Loose-fit jeans are still part of urban apparel, but they can’t be too loose, nor can they be too tight. Skinny jeans are fine, as long as the guy wearing them is slim enough to comfortably fit in them. Straight or boot-cut slacks without extra pockets, pleats, or fancy hems are fine. 

In addition to the dark urban tones of urban and street apparel, guys can mix and match with primary colors and earth tones. This especially applies when wearing khakis, dark pants or military clothing. The urban look in 2013 is more masculine than athletic, but it is still fine to accessorize with at least one item that recall fashion in the past. For example, now that Ralph Lauren’s Rugby line is gone for good, wearing one of its jackets with dark jeans is a good idea.

Accessories for men in 2013 are allowed to have one bold detail, as long as they are mostly limited to backpacks, messenger bags, belts, sunglasses, and watches. A black messenger bag can feature one bright yellow stripe or a cool shiny logo. Sunglasses can be big or small, but never in the wrap-around style. Just about any type of wristwatch can be worn in 2013, but men must keep in mind that playful-looking watches are only acceptable with hipster wardrobes. 

Mixing Styles 

Since longer jackets and trench coats are making a comeback, guys will be able to mix different urban styles with ease in 2013. As long as contrasting colors are kept to a minimum, it is acceptable to wear skater shoes with denim slacks and textured sweaters. Military styles should focus on jackets, combat boots and sharp-looking slim shirts, not on fatigue pants. Garment that never go out of style, like throwback NBA jerseys and t-shirts featuring logos of classic video games, are more than welcome in 2013. 

This article was written by Bruce Bailey who writes for men’s Superdry clothing website Ark Clothing

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