Think Pink – Hot Bridal Trend

Decades ago it was traditional to see a bride walking down the aisle wearing white because it symbolized a woman’s purity. As the years passed and couples began living with one another prior to marriage, it became more common to see a bride donning a cream wedding dress.  According to Vera Wang’s 2014 bridal collection reveal people need to get used to seeing brides in pink.  Apparently very soon it will be common to try on bridal gowns in NJ in any shade of bridal gown

Designers Thinking Pink

Other designers have followed suit and are now offering more dresses in color.  The dresses tend to be on the more delicate shades of pink like blush and peach.  Monique Lhuillier, Lazaro, and Jim Hjelm have also released color in their new collections and bridal boutiques are dying to get the dresses into their stores because they know brides will be interested in them.  David’s Bridal and other more affordable designers are also offering dresses in one of the many shades of pink.  If you’re really looking to go bold with color at your wedding, check out Vera Wang’s newest collection.  Her newest dresses are available in all shades of pink, even the richer, deeper shades of the color.

As Seen On …

Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway began the trend last year by wearing gorgeous wedding dresses in lighter hues of pink.  Both of the actresses’’ dresses were traditional in style but were totally unique because of the color.  Seeing these women in their dresses left many women thinking “why not?”  The trend really caught on and many bridal boutique owners requested that designers begin offering dresses in shades of pink because brides came into stores looking for them.  Thanks to these celebrities and designers you will now be able to include pink to your wish list while searching for bridal gowns in NJ.

Why You Should Think Pink

Even if you think pink isn’t your color it’s worth trying one on because you’re likely to be tickled pink.  Many people aren’t aware that pink flatters nearly everyone.  White and cream are harder colors to pull off because there’s a sharp contrast between white and people’s skin tone.  Pink works with people’s natural skin tone and actually enhances it.  A pink dress will also pop more in your wedding pictures and really make you stand out.  Wearing a pink wedding dress is a great way to wear a classic dress but make it a bit more modern and fun by adding a hint of color.

This latest trend is refreshing because it opens many doors up for brides.  It’s thankfully throwing tradition out the window and letting a woman chose what color she wants to wear on her special day.  If you’re having a difficult time finding the dress of your dreams, think out of the box and consider trying on a pink dress.  A tiny bit of color might be what was missing and you’ll leave the bridal salon singing “Right Day for a PINK wedding.”


Erica Humle is starting to look for wedding dresses. She has always loved white dresses but wants to wear something very unique during her special day.