Three Must Have Summer Suit Accessories

With summer on its way you are guaranteed more social invites, as people slumber out of winter hibernation to host weddings, engagement parties and graduation ceremonies, and take advantage of more balmy weather. For men, the summer suit is dusted off and the dress shoes are polished, but there is much more to a dapper appearance than just throwing on a suit, as any stylish man will know. Besides ensuring that the suit is well fitted (this is an all too common error), there are a number of accessories that can be used to spruce up a summer suit. mens summer suitsAccessories are certainly not for women only, and separate the well dresses from the stylish. We outline our top three must have accessories for summer suits.

The Tie

This should be a given for any formal or semi-formal occasion, but men often use warm weather as a poor excuse for not wearing a tie. First of all, there are alternative ways to wearing a tie that will not cause you to burn up in your suit. Loose fitting ties with the top shirt button left undone offer a more relaxed look that is still smart. There are a variety of tie styles to choose from, but with your summer suit we would recommend slim or skinny. The skinny tie is the trendier option, and works well for slimmer silhouettes and thinner suit lapels. Two firm rules; always make sure that your tie has a dimple and do not wear clip-on ties.


If you want to ruin your smart suit look in an instant, wear a sports watch. If you want to be admired for your style, wear an eye catching mechanical or quartz watch on your wrist. When it comes to men’s suits, a watch can really make or break an outfit, so invest in a dress watch that is an elegant and timeless piece. Silver chrome watches suit most colour suits and are a safe option. However, if you have the confidence, select a watch that speaks your personality.

Cuff Links

Many men consider cuff links to be an unnecessary accessory of some bygone age. However, they are so versatile, accessible and to a large degree inexpensive that it is entirely unnecessary not to wear them. Although they are associated with formal wear, they have evolved into a men’s suit accessory that does not have to be taken seriously. Match cufflinks to your personality (think motor cars, golf clubs or even surf boards, or go for more traditional shapes)…just make sure that they are in good taste.

Penny Munroe is an avid writer in fashion related news and tips. Articles include tips for wearing cardigan sweaters to create different looks to guidelines on looking dashing in a formal suit.

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