Tips For Choosing The T-Shirt Indicated According To Each Figure

Not all women have the same body type, nor do all clothes have the same cut. There are a style and a shape designed for each type of silhouette, without leaving anyone outside.

Because the most important thing when using each press in feeling comfortable and confident in it and one of the most effective ways of doing it is finding what fits our ways better. In this note, we present a selection to know how to identify the ideal t-shirt to each figure.

Tips for choosing the t-shirt indicated according to each figure

Regardless of the time of year, season or fashion of that time, t-shirts are always a choice of clothes that you have to have since they are a classic that never goes out of style and fit almost all styles of women.

To go out, go to a party, use daily or take to work, the t-shirts are an infallible and much-needed garment in our wardrobe. They can be more or less elegant, with very varied tones and textures and best of all is that there are also many shapes and cuts in each t-shirt, which makes one find the ideal.

A t-shirt for each body type

The styles, cuts, and designs can favor or not, depending on how well we will choose before making a new t-shirt. To achieve a balanced figure, you must be aware that styles are best adapted to the body. For example, if we have wide hips, the t-shirts must be “large” or bulky in the shoulder area, to achieve that balance where the figure is balanced.

“Pear” body: When you have narrow shoulders and a wide hip, the best are the flashy sleeves with volume as they visually widen the upper torso. Also if they fall on the shoulders makes them look wider. Also the t-shirts of thin straps that make that the part opener looks wider because it leaves much skin and décolleté uncovered taking the tension just to that point.

Wide shoulders and back: here we are looking for these not to stand out. For this reason, the best are sleeveless shirts and wide straps or sleeveless shirt style. It is important to divert attention and for this nothing better than the t-shirts that have a kind of wide overhang at the level of the hip, which can balance the width of the shoulders. Also, a draped at the level of the bust serves to attract the attention towards this point and not in the shoulders.

Torso with small bust: you have to achieve an image with a larger bust with thin straps and elements like flops that add volume in the area, high collar and flashy prints. Also, the corset will give much emphasis in this area (to be well-armed) and accesses like stones or glitter on the top. The shirts with high necks closed up, or “turtle” necks are very flattering.

Torso with large bust: to hide a large bust prefer t-shirts that leave some skin exposed and help create a stylized line in the neck line, as well as those that help support the bust. They can be “V” necklines, crosses that also form a “v” in the neckline and also help to support the bust and classic cut shirts with the top buttons open to create the same “v” neck effect.

Fillings: For an “apple” type figure where the middle area is the largest because there is a bulging belly, the ones that work best are those that have folds or create layers that help hide or conceal the belly. It is also good to use a belt to divert attention to a newly defined waist, a t-shirt with folds or crossed layers that hide the area of ​​the belly.

Very thin women: opt for printed t-shirts that are ideal for adding volume, that is, they give a more rounded image. It is ideal for very tall and thin women or with the torso very straight and long. Here simple lines do not go without seams or details or flap because they do not contribute anything. It is always preferable to have some details such as lapels, holans, brocades, glitter on the bust, necks of escarole, bolsters, pockets, and decorations, to add volume to the area where they are.

Turtle neck: if the shoulders are very high this type of garment reduces that area of ​​the body and harmonizes creating rounding.

All women are different, and it is not necessary to be the prey of the latest fashion to see us well. We must always choose to look at what is used the best in court to our figure so that in the daily look we can get the best advantage and also that newspaper becomes a classic protagonist of the wardrobe for many seasons. You can now find all types of t-shirts easily from Women’s T Shirts Suppliers in the world.