Tips For Men When it Comes to Suits:

Now more than ever it is important to have a good sense for fashion and style.This is just one factor that can separate you from the rest of the crowd. But wearing just any suit isn’t enough. There is a certain set of rules to abide by when choosing what style or type of suit depending on the particular situation.  But with styles always changing, it’s hard to decide what kind of suit is a good investment both financially and fashionably. The process of purchasing a suit can often be intimidating so here’s a list of how to alleviate that stress.mens business suits

  1. Make sure it fits properly in the shoulders.
  2. Have your suit altered by a good tailor. Your suit must be tailored to your specific body.
  3. Have the sleeves shortened and pant legs altered to contour to your body type.
  4. Have the sides of your jacket altered for a slimmer look.
  5. Unless you’re a confident suit wearer stick to the basics: light shirt, dark tie.
  6. You can never go wrong with a freshly pressed white shirt.
  7. For warm weather, invest in a cotton suit.
  8. Do not have your suits dry cleaned too often. Dry cleaning effects the quality of the suit. Instead, have it steamed.


After following these basic principles, the next step for the successful suit expert is knowing what type of suit to wear given any situation you may find yourself in. While you can’t go wrong with the classics, you also should be aware of the many variations that can be worn. Listed below are different situations you may find yourself in and what kind of suit is appropriate to wear (and you can buy a lot of these suits online.


Business – Just Starting Off

  • Most versatile colors are charcoals, dark greys, dark navy blues and black.
  • For black suits: wear black shoes and belt
  • For blue suits: wear brown shoes and belt
  • standard 3” width lapels
  •  Fabric: Super 100s to 110s range


Business – The Rising Star

  • Sunnier days: lighter greys, French navies (with a bit more blue) and plaids like Prince of Wales or Window Pane patterns
  • Throw in bold pinstripes
  • Slim fit suit
  • Add a patterned or colored lining or hand craft stitching for extra flair.
  • Choose a pure wool fabric in the Super 120s to 130s range. These will be both durable and luxurious.



Weddings and Special Events

  • Lighter charcoals, greys and French navies
  • Super 130s to 150s range
  • A lighter colored linen suit could also be a good option for a beach wedding.
  • Warm, sunny daytime weddings and outdoor cocktail receptions can call for lighter colored fabrics
  • charcoals, navies and black for more formal sit-down receptions



Formal Events (Charity dinners, gala events etc.)

  • Dinner suits and tuxedos
  • Black or dark navy blue
  • Shawl lapel
  • Pure wool fabrics in the Super 110s to 150s range
  •  Night time events: deep charcoals, midnight navies and blacks 


After reading these tips, hopefully you now have a better understanding of how to choose the proper suit for any occasion.

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