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A woman’s choice of style and fashion in general, makes a statement about how that woman feels about herself, and the presence she is willing to project, in the office, on the street, or in social situations.  One of the big problems with keeping up with new trends is that it can be ruthless on one’s budget, especially if an entire new outfit is touted as the “power style” for a woman on the rise.  The other problem is that one can end up with a closet packed with outmoded suits and separates, and still have absolutely nothing to wear.  Wise women consider clothing as a commodity, and learn that a lot of basic styles, and a few en vogue pieces, can generate numerous new looks, especially when accessories are applied.  Accessorizing is not just an art, but an absolute must for the fashionable woman on a budget.


A Scarf For All Occasions

Sometimes being in style does not mean an entire new wardrobe, but rather, a few pieces that can put life back into tried and true clothing.  Accessories such as designer scarves and earrings can change the entire look of an outfit.  Take a basic solid tank top and a pair of jeans, an ensemble that is casual and relaxed.  However, add a pair of dangling earrings and artfully drape a print scarf about the shoulders, tying a loose bow of the ends to add some depth to the fabric, and the outfit becomes a classy style that can fit into any bistro while dining with friends.  A scarf can also convert a hairstyle from business reserved to flouncy fun by using it to secure a loose bun or pony tail.  A scarf tied loosely about the waist can convert a boring skirt into layered boho fashion, while adding hoop earrings and some organic bangles completes the look from old to hipster young.  A few choice scarves in different textures, colors, and patterns can transform the basic outfit into a fashion forward statement.

Less Can Be More

While accessories are essential to changing a look and being more fashion forward, so are individual clothing components.  The trick, though, is that the entire look does not need to be replicated with a full set of new clothes, but can have a greater impact when several articles are combined.  Must haves for the closet include a little black dress, a pair of skinny jeans, the classy and the casual cardigan, a business blouse and a flouncy blouse, at least one fashion jacket, and skirts that range from long, to mid-calf, to above the knee. 

These articles, along with shoes, create the palette for fashion forward style, and can be combined to create new looks with existing women’s clothing options.  Skinny jeans become more formal when combined with a classic tunic, or can be business casual with a simple blouse and a draped cardigan.  The trick is to purchase components that are versatile and to create multiple outfits with minimal shopping.  When flipping through the latest fashion magazine, it is important to look at how a style is composed, and how many of the outfits use similar articles as their foundation.  By using the basics of old and new, as well as good accessories, a woman can generate her own fresh style without overfilling her closet. 

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