Tips To Remember When Buying Ladies Handbag

In today’s world, a handbag has become one of the many crucial things that complete a woman’s fashion style. Handbags are used by most women to portray their status in the society. Not only are these handbags used for fashion. They also carry important accessories needed for beauty. Handbags come in different designs, sizes, color and shapes. high fashion purses

  1. SIZE:
  • This is the first factor that every woman should consider before buying a handbag. Knowing the right handbag size for the body is very essential. A huge handbag is very tiring to a woman and this can make it very uncomfortable to walk around with such a handbag. No matter how stylish or elegant a handbag is, an oversize handbag is very unfashionable if it’s not set off with the right figure.
  • Most fashion experts suggest that a short lady should choose a small handbag to match well with their outfit. They claim that carrying a big handbag will make a short lady look smaller. Likewise, tall people are advised to avoid smaller handbags as they will make them look bigger.


  1. 2.       SHAPE
  • This is another important aspect that every woman buying a handbag should consider. Ladies are advised to look for the right handbag shape for their figure. The best way to look stylish and fashionable is by carrying a handbag that is proportional to the body shape. Most fashion experts advise ladies to buy handbags that are the opposite of their body types and shapes.
  • Slim and tall ladies are encouraged to carry rounded handbags to enhance their overall looks. Ladies with a shorter physique should carry tall rectangular bags to elevate their looks.


  1. 3.       COLOR
  • It is very important to buy a handbag that matches the outfit that will be worn on a particular occasion. Color selection is the next major step to consider after having the right handbag shape and size. Having the right color to match the outfit is very stylish and fashionable. -Ladies are advised to buy a dominant color that will match most of their outfits. This reduces the need of buying numerous handbags for every outfit worn.
  • A plain black handbag is considered neutral as black blends with most colors hence selecting a black handbag can be used with different outfits and in different occasions.


  1. 4.       OCCASION.
  • When buying a handbag, it is very important to consider the purpose of the handbag. Every season, occasion and place calls for a different type and design of a handbag. By carrying the right handbag to an occasion, a lady maintains a sense of style and fashion.


  1. COST
  • This is finally another important aspect that the ladies should consider when buying a handbag. The more stylish and fashionable a handbag is, the more it costs. Every lady is advised to consider their budget before buying a handbag. It is not advisable for a lady to buy a handbag and not fulfill the basic human rights like shelter, food and clothing.

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