Toddlers On The Move Need Shoes For All Occasions

Toddlers are packed full of energy, and when they start to walk, it can be a disaster!  Walking leads to running, and soon after getting on their own two feet, toddlers are galloping about, knocking things over and generally causing trouble.

But it’s better to have damage caused by a toddler than damage caused to a toddler.  Just ask any parent, and they will tell you without a moment’s hesitation, even if they are at their very wit’s end.

Once toddlers are walking, they gain enough mobility to thwart their parents’ carefully baby proofed homes.  They will start getting into to trouble in ways their parents could not have imagined before.

It is important that toddlers on the move have shoes on their feet at all times.  Shoes provide a number of safety benefits to little ones that can save pain and tears.

Wearing good, sturdy shoes will keep little ones’ little feet safe:

  • -Shoes keep toddlers from accidentally stepping on something sharp and injuring their feet, which could lead to infections and other nasty ailments.
  • -Shoes can protect little feet from being stepped on by clumsy big feet. Toddlers like to get in the way of their parents, and don’t realize they’re accidentally steering themselves into harm’s way!
  • -Shoes give little feet good traction and help to avoid nasty falls onto hard floors or down steps.

Toddler shoes aren’t all about function either.  There’s a certain amount of style that little feet can sport when they wear toddler dress shoes.  Parents sometimes forget that their children need to look good when they go out into public.

Sometimes toddlers have to accompany their parents to more formal occasions:

  • -Weddings
  • -Funerals
  • -Formal parties

A toddler’s sneakers may have his or her favorite character on them, but they are not really suited to these more formal events.  Every little one should have toddler dress shoes that are appropriate for more formal occasions, while still being comfortable and affording the protection that little feet need.

Toddler dress shoes should look appropriate with several different more formal outfits, but need to be made with toddlers’ needs in mind.  Toddlers grow quickly, and shoes should be light and comfortable so they can expand and grow.

Shoes that are too tight and restrictive will need to be replaced every few months, and will result in cranky and uncomfortable toddler.  Parents know that uncomfortable toddlers make quite a fuss, and they don’t care where they are or who they disrupt.

Toddler dress shoes should be comfortable for toddlers to wear so they stay well behaved at formal events where tantrums can really disrupt things.

Toddlers who stay quiet and look good in a pair of toddler dress shoes will really impress other people at a more formal gathering.  They will be impressed with the toddler, but they will also be impressed by that toddler’s parents.

Parents should make the effort to keep their little ones looking good and behaving well.  Light, comfortable and attractive toddler dress shoes go a long way toward this.


Stephanie Frasco is the Community Manager for the MyReviewsNow website.  She wrote this blog post about finding the right shoes for children and you can read more at our website.

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