Top 10 Fashion Tips for Girls

1-Have confidence in yourself:

It does not matter how fashionable your clothes are, you would not be able to look at best in it if you do not wear it with full confidence. You need to be confident that what you are wearing suits your body figure, as well as your complexion and skin tone. With good confidence and self-satisfaction, people can see it by how you are carrying yourself.

2- Wear it with Smile on your face:

Complement what you are wearing with a lovely smile. When you smile, it will make you look more attractive and beautiful. Apart from that, people would see you as someone who is friendly. The friendlier you look, the more people would approach you, which is one of the keys to being stylish and fashionable.

3- Get into a shape:

One of the most important things you need to take care of about becoming fashionable is to get into shape. Therefore, if you are holding some extra pounds, then you should lose some. You can make it possible through fasting, or you can say it as dieting, working out, or a combination of both.

4- The Appropriate amount of makeup during summers:

During summer, it is not a good idea to put on heavy makeup. Wearing a minimal amount of makeup during summer is the best way due to the reason that it is going to be hot outside. By wearing a small amount of makeup during summer time, you can easily make it match with your summer clothing.

5-Dying your hair during summer:

Dying your hair during summer months can be exciting. However, you need to take care of it appropriately, so that it will not fade quickly. One way of achieving that is to use a conditioning treatment every week or at a month. Don’t wash your hair too often since it can speed up its growth and make your natural hair colour appear sooner.

6-Wearing jackets:

Sometimes when you buy new jacket, it may have loose stitches on shoulder side or at its opening side. These stitching threads do not look good to see that is why you need to remove it, before putting your jacket on. Remove it with scissors, so that you won’t be affecting your look as well as the quality of your jacket.

Wearing a jacket appropriately is one of the main things you need to do to become smart and stylish. When it comes to its bottom button, you have to keep in mind that it is not required to be buttoned.

When you are choosing the jacket to wear at any important event, make sure that it has right sleeve length. One way is to check if it is short enough to show your shirt cuff off for about half an inch. You can take the shirt with you when you are going to buy, that you planned to wear with it.

7- Matching your shoes and your belt:

Apart from making sure that you are wearing shoes and a belt that are of high quality and good condition, you should also know how to match them appropriately. In most of the cases, you may only need to choose between black and brown colour in wearing them. To match them correctly, make sure that both have the same colour or shade like black belt goes with black shoes, and brown goes with brown.

8- Length of your tie:

Some men wear ties that are either too short or too long. To make sure that this is not either of the cases, then you are required to wear a tie that is just long enough to touch your belt line. The right length of the tie should not end below or above the belt. You should wear a tie when you are going to wear a suit or a sports coat. Wearing a tie with just a shirt and no jacket is not a decent idea because, if you were going to attend a wedding, that is the getup a kid would have.

9- Things to keep in mind while buying a suit:

When you are buying a suit, choose the best one. Some of the factors you need to keep in mind include your budget, the price of the suit, quality, brand, style, size and colour. By considering all these things, you can choose the one that would suit you best.

If you are attending any formal event during nighttime, then wearing a black suit is a good idea. However, if the event were during the midday or at afternoon, it would be not to wear a black suit and go for other nice colours.

10-. Wearing shorts:

If you are going to wear shorts for an afternoon event with your friends or colleagues, make sure you are wearing socks that are visible with it. Wearing visible socks with shorts is a usual practice by kids. Thus, make sure that your socks are small enough, to hide them properly.


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