Top 5 Male Grooming and Style Trends for 2013

Looking for male grooming tips? You’re not alone. From manscaping to metrosexuality, men have been fighting back against the notion that they don’t care about their appearance. Male grooming was a billion-dollar industry in 2012 alone!Top 5 Male Grooming and Style Trends for 2013

If you, too, are looking for the latest in male grooming tips and style trends, here are a few fads taking the world by storm.

5: The “Fade” Effect

Inspired by Mad Men and other dapper shows, the fade effect is where hair is cropped very closely by the ear and then allowed to grow longer towards the top of the head. When cut correctly, it’s an ultra-stylish throwback to the days of suits, cigars and fedoras, which is probably why it’s so popular among young hipsters and established gentlemen alike.

4: Facial Hair

In 2012, a number of male celebrities participated in “No Shave November,” a cancer awareness campaign where they eschewed razors for an entire month. Perhaps the charitable feeling is still going strong, because 2013 has seen a definite surge in men with facial hair. Just make sure you consult with professionals like The Art of Shaving before you copy this trend; you don’t want to look like you’re participating in No Shave November even when it’s July.

3: Lip Balm

Long associated with the ladies, many men have begun breaking down the gender barrier and using lip balm. The key is to avoid anything that colors, glosses or shines; all you want is a simple, no-frills balm that will keep your lips hydrated and ready for Friday nights.

2: Deodorants and Aftershaves

2013 is the year that men decided not to smell. Perhaps galvanized by the success of Old Spice commercials and the ever-increasing kingdom of Axe, men have really stepped up their game when it comes to scent marking their territory. One popular tool is the alum stone, an all-natural mineral that’s rubbed on the face in place of aftershave products.

1: Exfoliation

Are women the only ones with dead skill cells? Most definitely not, which is why a growing number of men are unashamed to admit that they exfoliate. Not only does it keep your skin smooth and oil-free, but it can also slow the signs of aging, which everyone in Hollywood is keen to do. Until someone finds the fountain of youth, exfoliating is your best bet for a face that wouldn’t melt butter.