Top 5 Tips For Choosing Swimwear For Competitive Swimming

Top 5 Tips For Choosing Swimwear For Competitive Swimming

Choosing a swimsuit for holiday is hard enough but when it comes to choosing swimwear for a competition or competitive training; there are a whole more things to consider. For instance, as well as how it looks and feels, you also need to take into account how its fit will affect your swimming and functionality. A swimming costume can make a huge difference in your efficiency in the water and as such can affect your place in a race.

Below are a number of helpful tips to help you pick out swimsuits so you can perform at your absolute best:

1. Research the different brands available to you

Obviously the first brand names that come to mind will be those that have been around the longest, i.e. Speedo. Even though the amount of time Speedo has been around is testament to the effectiveness and quality of its products, it may still be worth trying out a variety of other brands too. Newer brands may be incorporating new technology into their swimsuit making, which other, older brands may not yet be using.

It is therefore worth doing as much research as you can into the swimsuit brands you are interested in. Check out online reviews and make sure you make enquiries with other people in the swimming industry who may be aware of additional positives and negatives that you have not yet come across.

2. Consider what’s most important to you and choose swimwear accordingly
When you are in training, you may want a different costume to when you are actually swimming in a competition. You’ll also need to consider other factors, such as if you train in open water you may need a swimsuit made of thicker material than if you train in an indoor pool. The materials used for swimsuit making can also affect speed, so if you are merely building up strength, this factor may not be as important…yet.

However, once you have completed your main training and are ready for competitions, speed now becomes an essential factor. Always make sure you read the labels on the costumes, as these will detail the innovative methods used in making the costumes and how they can affect your performance.

3. Don’t just stick to the suppliers you know
Even though your first thought will probably be to go and buy your swimming garments from the most well-known stores on the high-street, if you want to buy a more than one swimsuit, you will be able to save a lot of money by avoiding these kinds of stores. Start by doing some research online and find out if there are any stores local to you that hold out of season or old stock.

There won’t be anything wrong with this stock, other than the fact they didn’t sell originally when first released onto market. You will be able to find high-quality costumes that will not only last well due to the quality of the material and make but will also help to improve you swimming performance too. Provided you are more bothered about your performance than the colour of the costume then this is a very viable option for you.

4. Try out a range of swimwear fabrics

Considering the materials your swimsuits are made of is extremely important especially if you are spending a lot of money on them. The last thing you want to do is fork out a lot of money on some lovely costumes but then ruin the material from the exposure to chlorine from being in the pool so much. You need to buy costumes that are made from hard-wearing, high-quality and chlorine resistant materials. Normal costumes will just not do for competitive swimming so don’t ever be tempted into buying one.

5. Keep comfort at the forefront of your mind

With all of the above tips needing to be considered, you also need to keep in mind you must be comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Being comfortable will ensure you focus only on what is important…winning. Your performance can be greatly affected by what you are wearing, especially if certain areas of your body feel too tightly squeezed or exposed.

Take time when choosing your competitive swimwear to make sure it fits exactly how you like it, as this will ensure you perform at your very best each and every time you enter into the water.

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