Top 5 Tips On Buying The Perfect Lingerie For You

Top 5 Tips On Buying The Perfect Lingerie For You

1.  Always get yourself measured

Many lingerie shops will differ slightly in their sizing, so it is important you either make sure you try everything on before buying, or be sure to get measured in each shop you buy underwear from. Underwear sizing differs on a style by style basis and this is especially true of bras, so you will most definitely need to check the garments are going to fit you before spending any money. After all, there’s no point spending your money on things you won’t be able to wear.

2. Know what you want – whilst bearing in mind what your partner likes

There’s every chance you are buying pretty lingerie in order to surprise your partner and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, do keep in mind that it isn’t all about them. The best way to ensure you buy the perfect underwear is to make sure you only buy what you want and feel good in.

It is, of course, important to consider what your partner likes but in all likelihood, they’re extremely unlikely to complain no matter what kind of lingerie you are wearing, as long as you’re wearing it!

3. Pick colours and styles that are flattering on you

Every woman should be aware of the colours and styles that suit her best. If you are not yet aware then you should take advice from close friends, a sister or perhaps even your partner. Try out a variety of colours and see which suits your skin tone best. Lingerie comes in all different sizes and styles, so if you find you don’t necessarily suit a bodice, try out a camisole instead. Underwear shopping can sometimes be stressful, but be assured you will definitely find something.

4. Don’t shop unless your heart’s in it

Following on from the last sentence in point 3, if you let the stress of shopping get to you, you will definitely not be in the best mood to find the perfect underwear. There will be times when you feel like nothing suits or fits you so if you can feel yourself sinking lower, just stop shopping.  There is no point shopping when you are not in a good mood. You won’t be able to find what you are looking for and you may even end up spending money on things just for the sake of it, which is a waste.

Go home and prepare yourself to return another day. Perhaps make a list of the shops you have tried out and failed to find anything in. Avoid them on your next visit, only returning when you are in a more optimistic mood. With a more positive demeanour, no doubt, you’ll soon start finding garments that are flattering and a perfect fit.

5. The comfort factor

So many women are too insecure to go and try numerous undergarments on in-store. If you feel like this, the best thing to do is research what you like online. This way you can buy what you see online, which means you don’t have to be embarrassed about trying it on in a shop. Alternatively, once you have a good idea of what you and your partner like by researching online, you may then find it easier to go shopping in-store.

If you really prefer to try undergarments on in the comfort of your own home, then it is worth checking the returns policies on the items you are interested in. if you are allowed to return them, it may be an idea to take them home to try them on and if they don’t fit properly, take them back.

Keep in mind that lingerie assistants are there for a reason. It is their job to advice and help you to choose garments that look great and feel comfortable too. Do not be afraid to ask for their help, as you will find you benefit greatly from their expert guidance when you buy lingerie.


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