Top 5 Wardrobe Trends You Need For Summer 2013

If you have not started constructing your wardrobe for summer 2013, it is about time you started to do so.  Before rushing off to the stores to ensure you have all of the best outfits in your locker for the upcoming season, be sure to check out our guide to the top five essential women’s style trends for this summer.

Black and White

If last year was the year of taking one of these two as your base colour and matching it up with vivid and distinct contrasts, this year is when you should step out in nothing but black and white. You need to go much further than simply pairing up black trousers with a white shirt, for example, and wherever possible be looking to wear then featured on the same garment.

Whether you go for stripes, checks, a circular pattern or something even more headache inducing, so long as you look like a photonegative you will be onto a style winner. You’re allowed to mix and match patterns when you go black and white, too. A horizontal striped piece of knitwear with check trousers, anyone?

Ruffled Dresses

The pencil dress and figure hugging skirt is set to leave us in 2013, and while such garments might well still be fitted to some degree up top, they will be ruffled and allowed to roam free, particularly when they fall below the waistline but also around the neckline, shoulders, and chest where there is particular detail on a garment.

summer wardrobe 2013

Perhaps the biggest trend when it comes to dresses this summer will be the sports dress – think classic tennis chic – that will be widely worn around the world.

Bold Stripes

Pinstripes have been back in vogue for a number of years now, however this is the year of the thick, bold stripe. What can we expect to see? Well, for starters, tailoring in black or white featuring distinct blue, green, and red stripes that dominate the outfit will be hugely popular.

Accessories will be taken over by stripes, too, especially oversized handbags, meaning that matching the pattern on your accessories and outfit will become hugely important if you are trying to carry off the look.

Bermuda Shorts

These aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea over the coming months, but the option is there for anyone who wants it. Our favourite thing about Bermudas is that they fit into almost every style. You could get tailor-style Bermuda shorts to wear into the office, alternatively, linen and denim varieties to dress more casually are likely to be popular, too.

Relaxed Cuts

Not just dresses are moving away from figure hugging, shape defining garments. Fashion stores will carry ranges that encourage you to fill your wardrobe with simple, relaxed cuts of clothing that enable you to be comfortable and confident at all times without worrying about exposing any unflattering characteristics you may have.

Ensure that all of these trends are high on your shopping list as you start to build your summer wardrobe this year, and you will spend the whole season looking amazing.

Aisha is a fashion writer with a strong interest in contemporary trends, as well as specific niche styles such as those found in Islamic clothing ranges and hip-hop inspired fashions.

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