Top Advice For Altering Your Bridal Gown

It seldom happens that you try on a wedding dress and it doesn’t need some sort of alteration. You want that dress to fit you like a glove, and that will take some work. You need to consider how it fits everywhere on your body as well as the length. And don’t forget to take your shoe height into consideration. There are lots of tips to follow, but below is a list of the top ones to keep in mind. If you have these nailed down you will be good to go for the big day.

Pick a reliable and experienced seamstress: Choosing who is going to do the alterations for your wedding gown is the most important thing to consider. You need to hire somebody who has plenty of experience specifically in the bridal industry. Normally professional bridal alteration shops are the perfect option. Or, ask friends and relatives if they can recommend someone or a company in which they had a great experience with. If you go with the boutique in which you buy your gown, ask for references before you commit. Nothing would be worse than for someone to botch the necessary alterations and ruin your dress.

Consider what needs to be done: There are a few main types of wedding dress alterations. One is hemming the gown. You want the gown to be the perfect length. If it is too short it will look odd, and if it is too long you might trip. A fitted bodice and alteration at the top of the dress are also important. You want it to fit well, not loose. Also, the seamstress may need to shorten or add material to the sleeves if you have them.

Consider the cost and timeline: The cost of alterations depends on the style and make of wedding the dress. Some dresses are more detailed and will cost more to alter. It is important for the bride to get an estimate of the total cost of alterations. Keep in mind to do this sooner rather than later. If you need to put a rush on the work it could cost up to double the normal price. Therefore, a wedding dress should be taken in for alterations at least eight weeks before the wedding. You may have to go back for more than one round, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

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