Top Fashion Trends For Young Girls

This year, girl’s fashion is not so much about the shape and style of your clothes. It is all focused on bright colors, bold prints and funky accessories. Whatever your taste, it is easy to be on trend this season.

Cute, Colorful Dresses

This summer, all the stores will be full of pretty sundresses. Big, flouncy skirts are very in vogue – more on that in a moment – but the biggest craze this season is eye catching color! Girly prints are also fashionable.

Flouncy Skirts

There is a bit of a vintage vibe going on in all areas of fashion at the moment, and this is why we are seeing so many girl’s fashion stores stocking flouncy skirts this season. The hottest styles are knee length, pleated skirts with plenty of volume – they should spin when you twirl.

Bold Leggings

Leggings have long been popular among young girls because they are versatile, practical and look great. But the real trend for young girls this season are leggings with bold prints. Last year’s animal prints are still around, but we are now seeing a more diverse range of patterns from jungle-inspired themes to the milky way. This trend should be paired with a neutral top and simple accessories.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are currently very trendy, and have recently been spotted on many young celebrities such as Willow Smith. They can be worn with leggings for an edgy look, or with a skirt and blazer for a preppy vibe. This trend is a great way to express your personality.


Jackets are very much in vogue this season. The style of jacket does not matter. What is popular is vivid color. Think along the lines of bubblegum pink blazers, or a sky blue bomber jacket!

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are such a fun look and it is a big craze for 2013. The more necklaces, the better! The trick to getting this look right is to pick a theme that unites each piece of jewelry, such as stars or hearts.

Quirky Cut-Offs

During hot weather, cut-offs are a great way to look cute and keep cool. However, fashion has moved on from denim cut-offs. Instead, the style set are opting for graphic prints and sparkle.

The Cross Over Bag

In 2013, the most popular look in girl’s bags is the cross over strap, where bags are worn across the body. And you’ve guessed it, the style to go for is bright, primary colors. Clashing colors is rarely a good look, so try to match the bag to one color from your outfit. Or if your clothes are fairly neutral, pick a bright, contrasting color to perk up your look.

As you can see, bright colors and bold prints are infiltrating all areas of fashion. So one of this season’s biggest challenges for looking trendy is to not overdo the look. Mixing geometric prints can look great if done right, but if you lack the confidence to do this then mix up this year’s key style with more neutral pieces. It is all about having fun!

Laura Greening is a mom and a part time wedding planner. She loves to write about wedding planning and preparation. She is currently working as a consultant for MyKidStudio, a flower girl dress store, based in Los Angeles, CA.

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