Top Tips On Choosing A Wedding Dress

The wedding dress choice is of importance as this is the day when you want to feel good about yourself. There are many tips you can follow to ensure that you choose a wedding dress that compliments your figure and personality.

Plan Ahead

When searching for a wedding dress, be open minded and patient. Wedding dress sizes are often small, which can make you feel frumpy and ill fitting. However, this does not mean that there is anything wrong with your body as the sizing of wedding gowns is different. Choosing the right wedding dress can take time. A dress consultant will know the style of dress that will flatter your figure. Some wedding dresses must be ordered and the time can vary from weeks to several months. A custom made dress can take up to six months to design and then it may require alterations for a perfect fit. Plan well ahead when choosing your wedding dress.

Is the Dress Within Your Budget?

Wedding dresses can cost from hundreds to thousands of pounds and however much you fall in love with one style of dress, if it costs more than your budget can allow then it’s time to find a second choice. If you have hired a dress consultant, don’t forget to alert him or her of your budget. A dress may also require alterations so also factor this into your budget. A good place to find a budget wedding dress would be the second hand shops or online auctions. Alternatively, if you can find the fabric then you may want to hire a dressmaker; this can be an expensive step but it’s worthwhile if it makes you feel comfortable in the gown. The dressmaker will choose a fabric and pattern that accentuates your figure. womens wedding dresses tipsA designer wedding dress is also an expensive option and there are bridal boutiques that can assist in finding the right one for you.

The Wedding Dress Fit

When you have found your perfect dress the next step is ordering a size that will accentuate your figure. Most brides want to lose a few pounds, which does not happen overnight. Rapid weight loss plans can be helpful, but they are not an effective solution to long-term weight loss. A figure hugging dress can become the perfect fit, but if you slip off the healthy eating regime you must consider the time it will take the dressmaker to alter the gown. How the wedding dress flatters your body is of importance. You may require a tighter bust line, a shorter hem or tighter straps.

The Style of Gown

Choose a dress that will compliment the event, as this is one of the most important days of your life. If you are not happy with showing too much skin, choose a dress that makes you feel comfortable. Avoid choosing a dress that is too tight or the wrong match for your personality. Think about the wedding day itself. You may want to be the traditional bride at a church wedding, whilst the outfit for a beach style wedding can be much simpler and will match this occasion better. Think about the five factors that will affect your style of gown – the colour, formality, weight, fabric and length. These factors will be determined by the location and season of your wedding. A traditional wedding dress usually has a long train, fancy veil, several layers and rich fabrics polished off with exquisite beadwork, while the wedding outfit for a beach wedding can be colourful and light.

Planning the outfit for your wedding day is no easy process. It requires time and careful planning to find the perfect outfit and next you need to consider your budget. This will ensure that you choose a dress that makes you feel like a million dollars but which doesn’t cost that much.

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