Top Tips To Help Men With Their Swimwear Decisions

The fashion world tends to lend a lot of focus to women and swimwear especially is often given a great deal of attention. Whilst male swimwear does get a little bit of attention, it is nowhere near the amount given to women.
So, when it comes to making important decisions about men’s swimwear, such as choosing something that is currently in fashion or deciding what type of costume to take on holiday, men can sometimes find it hard to get it right. Hopefully you will find the 5 tips below to be helpful in your swimwear hour of need:
Deciding when (and how many) to buy
You would not be the first man to think that he can get away with taking the same swimming costumes on holiday for the fifth time in a row…but you would be wrong. Ideally, it is best to upgrade your swimwear each year, unless it has never been worn before of course. This is because chemicals contained in pools and also seawater in general, has a very negative effect on the materials used to make swimming trunks and shorts.
Swimwear materials can become see-through really easily, especially if worn extensively over a holiday period. This can also lead to holes developing, which is not a look you should be going for. You should aim to buy a few new pairs of swimming trunks or shorts each time the holiday season comes round, four is always a good number and then you should most definitely throw out the old!
Avoid the Speedo and other materials that are too revealing
Most people would scoff at the very idea of buying a Speedo, however, surprisingly; there are still quite a few men who are under the false illusion that wearing a Speedo makes them look like an Olympic athlete. Not only does a Speedo lack a certain amount of style but it also looks extremely unattractive, unless you have the body of an Olympic swimmer. Unfortunately most people do not have this kind of body.
Tight brief swimwear, made popular by Daniel Craig as James Bond, can also look extremely unflattering when worn by the average male. No matter how much support you feel the briefs or Speedo are giving you, know this; they mould onto your body, leaving little to the imagination and show up every lump, bump and muffin top.
Buy a few pairs of classic, inoffensive shorts
You can never go far wrong with a pair of classic shorts. These tend to be extremely inoffensive and often show off just the right amount of skin, being neither too short nor too long. They also complement a wide variety of men’s body types, from extremely skinny, slim and podgy to the more rotund. So, if you’re a bit self-conscious about your body, having a few pairs of these in your suitcase is definitely the way forward.
Other advantages include the fast drying materials that these are made of, which means you can get away with wearing them out and about instead of just for swimwear. All ages of men can also get away with wearing these types of shorts due to the availability of so many designs and different colours to suit all fashion senses, from garish Hawaiian designs and bright, luminous colours, to simple, plain colours.
Make sure all items have good draw strings (strong fastenings)
It is really worth spending a bit more money and buying high quality swimwear, not only because it will mean that your purchases will be more durable and last you longer than the cheaper variety but when buying higher quality gear, you will notice that the fastenings are more secure. For instance, draw strings tend to be thicker and sturdier and buttons will also be sewn on tighter.
Bear in mind that these fastenings are what keep your shorts on your body when you dive or ‘bomb’ into a pool. Cheaper swimwear is likely to be damaged easily and the fastenings will be weaker and less likely to cope with more strenuous activities. So, if you don’t want to be the swimmer in the pool who loses their trunks/ shorts, then you’d better invest a bit more money.
Keeping on top of current swimwear trends
If you’re going on holiday with the ‘boys’ or even just away with your family then worrying about fashion may be the last thing on your mind. Keep in mind though that you don’t have to be the next Versace to keep up to date with what is going on in the fashion world. No one expects you to turn up in the very latest costume seen on the runway last month.
All you need to do is keep an eye on the showbiz news or the gossip magazines and most men like to look at those, even if they pretend that they don’t. In these, you will always see male celebrities flaunting themselves in various sunny locations and all wearing various swimming trunks, shorts and briefs.
Ask yourself how you think they look and check what the journalists or online commentators are saying about the outfits in general. You will soon get an idea about how stylish their beach or pool outfit is and whether it’s currently in trend or not. You’ll also get a good idea about how specific styles and designs fit on certain body types, so this will give you a head start and something to keep in mind when you go shopping.

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