Upgrading A Ring By Keeping The Setting And Changing The Diamond

Time is always moving forward and with it, style and taste. What you liked a few years ago may not be what you love today. The same goes for your engagement ring. If you find yourself lately loving your ring’s sentiment more than the way it looks, it might be time for an upgrade.

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Work With A Trustworthy Jeweler

If you can find the jeweler of the original ring, that would be your very best option. Not only will this jeweler be more familiar with the ring and, therefore, do a better job, but he or she might have some kind of upgrade policy. Some jewelers offer a lifetime policy on their diamonds, which allows you to trade them in for a new one! If you cannot find or cannot use your original jeweler, we recommend finding someone who is highly recommended by people that you trust. It would be an awful thing for you to put something as precious as an engagement ring into a stranger’s hands and not know what the result will be.

Are You Sentimental?

Speaking of sentiment, we are sure that you are probably very attached to your ring. Why wouldn’t you be? This is the ring that the person you love gave to you to prove his or her love and devotion. This ring is a symbol of that, and therefore must be handled with extreme care. Perhaps you do want to upgrade your ring but you don’t want it to be too different. Have no fear! We have a great option for doing just that. You can create what’s called “The Past, Present, and Future Ring” which works as follows: you can either keep or replace your original diamond (the present) and then add two more on either side (the past and the future). This way your setting remains the same, the ring is upgraded, and the sentiment continues.

Know What You Want

When you’re looking to upgrade your ring, do you know what you are really looking for? Do you know what cut of diamond you would like, or how many carats would be most economical, or what color (if not colorless) you would like to wear daily? These are questions that you must know the answers to before you do any changing, carving, or purchasing. For example, it is far more cost-effective to upgrade from a 1-carat to a 1.9-carat diamond than it is to go straight to 2-carats. Not only is it significantly less expensive, but also the difference is absolutely indiscernible to the naked eye.

Tips & Tricks

1. Caution: this method isn’t for the faint-of-heart. If you are confident in your research skills, try purchasing your upgraded diamond online. Often there are better deals on the Internet than there are at your local jewelry store.

2. If there is an estate sale or a pawnshop in your neighborhood, check out the selection. Who knows, you might find a ring with the setting or diamond of your dreams. From there, it is relatively inexpensive to make adjustments or transfer a diamond from one ring to another.

3. Are you planning on traveling overseas? If so, this is a great opportunity to do some diamond shopping. Purchasing jewelry in the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas is a whopping 40 to 60 percent cheaper than buying it in the United States.


Michaella Twersky is a freelance writer based in New York City. She is a frequent content provider to Diamond Envy (www.diamondenvy.com).