Varifocal Glasses – The Attractive Option For Multifocal Lenses

Technology has certainly served varifocal glasses well. This uncannily practical species of eyewear has progressed tremendously over the past decade. While shunned before by many for the alleged poor aesthetic design, lens distortion, and even possible danger in their use, studies now indicate that there are millions and millions of people just in the UK alone who’ve submitted themselves to wearing varifocal glasses. This is understandable since they’re just so practical to wear.varifocal glasses

They do serve their purpose well, but there are people who just won’t take kindly to having to tilt their head and adjust their viewing angles to get the right focus.While tabloid media was mostly responsible for the bad rap that varifocals had gotten in the past, their designers have certainly endeavoured to create versions that are sure to be found widely acceptable in society. These days, varifocal lenses are the attractive option for those who have a prescription for multifocals. They may be fitted onto gorgeous designer frames so that your optical remedy can very well turn out to be a fashionable accessory.

What exactly are varifocalglasses and how are they used? These are special spectacles used for both distance and reading. Whether you’re checking out the sign on the shop window across a busy London street or cosying up with a crossword puzzle in your favourite armchair at home, just one pair of glasses will suffice. Instead of having to switch glasses for different activities, you only need to adjust your focus and the same pair of glasses can still be used. Take note, however, that a varifocal lens does require a certain depth and height from frames for easy fitting. Remember that this type of glasses has to have three portions in one lens alone and they must all be accommodated.

When it comes to matters of depth, you need to take your lifestyle into account. If your job has you squinting at a computer screen for at least eight hours a day, the recommendation would be for a lens that has a wide and deep intermediate area for easier monitor viewing. However, if your work entails you to do a lot of driving, a lens with a wide distance area and a reduced near area is more suitable. It’s really important to consult an optician regarding the best type of varifocal lens to go for.

Fortunately, technology has allowed varifocal lenses to be more attractively designed to eradicate the aging factor that multifocals usually bear. With a stylish pair of varifocals perched atop your nose, you can see clearly and look fashionable at the same time.

About the author: Abigail Mae Prescott a former freelance fashion journalist  and is now  an information and communication systems consultant  is very much drawn to the fashion, photography and social media world. Due to her influence and digital knowledge not to mention passion for fashion, she is also looking forward to introducing fashion eyewear that tailor fit everyone’s needs. Visit to ascertain more about the must have fashion eyewear for you.

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