Wearing Jewelry For Good Luck?

“Good Luck!” is a common blessing that people in Western countries bless each other with on the occasion of someone setting out to do something new or challenging.

Do you believe in the concept of good luck, bad luck and superstitions? I personally do not. I strongly believe in the Jewish oral tradition that teaches that an evil eye (a sign for misfortune) only affects those that believe in it. Instead of purchasing amulets and talismans, I simply refuse to believe in the whole concept of bad luck and good luck!

However, I am aware that there are thousands, tens-of-thousands of people around the world who really do believe in good luck and bad luck and a quick search on the internet of good luck symbols that people often wear or keep on them resulted in an astounding number of examples. I’m going to try and create some order in the huge number of good luck symbols that I came across online. More often than not people wear these symbols as jewelry and the whole idea of jewelry that is meant to invoke good luck fascinates me…

Different Shapes and Objects that are worn so as to invoke good luck

The Ankh is a symbol of eternal life and is shown as a cross that is topped with a loop. It originated in ancient Egypt where it was considered lucky by the Pharaohs.

Talismans in the shape of axe heads have been discovered around the world as they were believed to bring success to the wearer.

jewelryCharms in the shape of the human hand are common in Mediterranean countries and have made their way into the Muslim, Jewish and Christian religions where they are known by different names but most commonly are known by their Arabic name- the Hamsa.

Another popular Middle Eastern symbol is the eye and it is often incorporated into the Hamsa- such as a Hamsa palm that features an eye in the middle of it which is meant to represent protection from the evil eye.

Gemstones for Luck

Burnt by the Chinese and by Muslims as a protection against the evil spirits, amber is considered to be a bit of the sun and as having the power to ring good fortune upon the owner.

The Cat’s Eye is commonly thought of to clear obstacles, help one move forward and for warding off evil spirits. In India it is believed that is one carries a cat’s-eye stone, ones fortune will never diminish.

Lucky Plants

A very popular Western symbol of good luck, the four-cleaved clover is associated with St. Patrick’s Day and is harder to find than the common three-leaved clover.

The Chinese believe that the bamboo plant brings good luck and it has become popular in different cultures to give a bamboo plant as a gift and blessing for good luck.

Good Luck Signs in Nature

According to Norse folklore, acorns and oak trees bring good luck due to the Vikings belief that placing an acorn on the windowsill will protect the house from lightning.

In traditional folk religion, the egg is considered a symbol of fertility and rebirth. In the 1987 Encyclopedia of Religion the reader is informed that in England the gift of a white egg is considered lucky whereas a brown egg brings both happiness and luck.

Lucky Insects

For thousands of years the sign of a cricket on the hearth has been a sign of good luck in the house. Crickets feature on amulets of ancient Middle Eastern cultures.

It is unclear where this belief comes from but ladybugs are also considered to be signs of good luck. In fact, the spots on a ladybug’s back that lands on you is meant to symbolize all kinds of things.

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