What Are The Hottest Urban Trends For Winter 2013?

The rise of urban style and street clothing has continued apace in 2013. Those who believed that the surge in popularity enjoyed by urban labels over the previous two years was about to fall flat have been proven wrong, while even those who predicted continued success have been surprised by just how strong love for these trends has been.

Urban style has enjoyed such success that it is even proving to be a massive influence elsewhere in the fashion world.

Here are the top trends you can expect to see this winter as the reach of urban and street clothing continues.

Urban Camouflage

While camouflage has had something of a reputation for dividing people’s opinions over the last decade, the pattern has surprisingly become more acceptable over the last 12 months. As a result, both men and women alike are able to sport camouflage, whether it is seen on a jacket, pair of trousers, a t-shirt, or a pair of boots, and look great.

The only real rule with modern camouflage is that you choose one item and stick to it. This can either be the focal point of your look or be something small, like a tie or a belt. Using camouflage as quirky rather than outfit defining is probably the best way to go, and is an idea we’re ready to embrace in the months ahead.

FashionStylish & Functional Footwear

One of the more confusing aspects of urban style is the diversity of footwear that you can choose to wear. A standard pair of trainers might be seen as urban, while formal looking boots can also fit the bill, too.

For us, the best way to go is with stylish footwear that will keep you looking good and comfortable at all times. For an idea of where we’re coming from, the Vans footwear at J-Bees should give you a good sense of what we believe you should be wearing.

If you want to go for footwear that seems more appropriate for winter, then consider Nike Blazers or Palladium boots.

The Hat Has It

Headwear is unquestionably the piece of urban style that has become most iconic in recent times. The leading brands, such as New Era and King Apparel, have become leading lights of the street style movement; if you don’t own one of these, then you can’t be considered a lover of urban clothing!

The best thing about these hats is that there is something for everyone. New Era, in particular, have so many colours and designs that everyone can wear the brand but still look unique and not like they’ve dressed based on a catalogue.

Stadium Jackets

Although parkas and other essential winter clothing has its place, a stadium jacket is the perfect piece of attire for those days when it’s cool, but not freezing, and the sun comes out. In addition, stadium jackets are a great piece of eveningwear, and can look good with either a casual outfit or something more formal.

Make sure these items are all in your thinking as you start to build your winter wardrobe, and you’re guaranteed to be on trend and looking smart at all times.

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Jake is a fashion student who loves urban style and street wear. Jake has been wearing these styles for years, even before they hit the mainstream, and becomes frustrated when people perceive him as jumping on the bandwagon of popular style, even though this isn’t the case at all.