What Are The Most Fashionable Abayas For This Winter?

If you are an Islamic woman passionate about maintaining a modest style of dress, while continuing to look stylish and remain comfortable throughout the winter, then there is nothing better than finding a luxurious abaya that ticks all of those boxes.

However, it can often be difficult to find those that offer the most stylish solution. We have looked around for some of the best abayas on offer this winter, and hope you find one within our list that you can get into your wardrobe and use as your “go to” dress over the coming months.aab-uk-winter-trench-abaya-w13edwt-t-rLiA

Navy Abayas

Navy is a great colour, as it exudes warmth and confidence while being quiet and understated in its own way. It is also brilliant for wearing in the office or as an everyday abaya. However, rather than wear an everyday abaya that it simply navy from top to bottom, look for something with unique selling points, specifically detail around collar and cuff areas.

Gold stitching, for example, will give your abaya an extra edge and a touch of glamour. The best ones will look like sailor jackets and pair up beautifully with stylish hijabs to give you a great winter look.

Brighter Abayas

Our favourite suggestion here is to move from one blue to another. If you want to be more expressive with your abaya, ditch the navy and instead go for something in electric blue. The great thing about wearing such a colour is that it can be easily brought back down to earth by wearing a plain black hijab and other sober accessories.

This is probably a piece of clothing you want to keep for special occasions and parties, but again there is nothing to stop you wearing it to the office, although we’d probably say to leave it in the wardrobe at home, especially if there are children running about and potential for spillages.

Office Abayas

If you often wear a business suit but like to alternate between this and traditional Islamic dress, there are plenty of abayas combining the dress with an upper blouse section to make it look like you are wearing a dress on top of a formal shirt.

Classic and elegant, the best abayas designed in this way will also have shirt cuff detail to make the look even more authentic.

Relaxed Abayas

Although all the abayas we have looked at so far have been ones with multiple uses or specifically for formal use, not all of them are created this way. We all have days when we simply want to throw something over our shoulders that allows us to relax and get on with whatever we need to do, whether that be around the home or around town.

A simple, light grey abaya with collar and button detail fits the bill perfectly, and can easily be worn with a jacket or coat, or layered underneath, to keep the winter weather at bay.

Dressing well in winter does not mean just keeping warm; you can still look stylish while getting yourself snug and comfortable. Get these abayas in your wardrobe so you can have a great winter.

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Jessica Bullen has an interest in cultural fashion from around the world, and loves going shopping with Islamic friends when they head out to shop for various other modest items of clothing, although they always buy abayas at Aab Collection rather than from shops.