What Do Your Jeans Say About You?

These days jeans don’t have to be indigo blue, they can be just about any colour you care to think of. You can really have fun with your wardrobe and spice things up with a dash of bold colour but what do your choices say about you? Certain colours have long been established as indicators of particular personality traits and so your fashion choices can really say something about you. What colour jeans are you wearing and what secrets are they giving away?india jeans demand


Blue is the colour of trust and efficiency and in the case of jeans is the sign of a conformist. Blue has also long been associated with the qualities of calmness and loyalty but be careful as some sharper shades speak of coldness and a calculating personality. Blue lovers can be relied upon for good planning, accuracy and punctuality but are not easily excited.


If black is your preferred choice then you are displaying signs of power, control and a love of authority. Black is also the choice of timeless elegance and competence. Choose black and you may not be the centre of attention but people will look to you for good advice and to take control of a situation. Black says you are mature and in control of your life, pairing it with bold colours says you can have fun too.


If your favourite jeans are white you are straightforward and logical. You are clean and tidy with clearly defined aims and not given to being rushed. White speaks of simplicity and realism and so people will turn to you for your grounded attitude and honest approach.


Green is the colour of money and nature. Those who favour green are earthy, uncomplicated and positive in outlook. Green suggests you are at one with world, happy in your own skin and a free spirit. Green speaks of affluence and success without too much ostentation and is calming to those you meet.


A love of purple shows a zest for life and an extrovert character with creative ability. You are an inspirational character with self-assurance and perhaps a touch of arrogance. The people around you look to you for new ideas and see you as a success story. Purple is the colour of luxury, royalty and wealth and so you will exude stature and achievement.


Of all colours this is the most calming and the best antidote to aggression. It is the colour of peace, acceptance and femininity. Choose pink for your jeans and people will warm to you instantly and feel comfortable meeting you. You have character and strength and you are not shy but it won’t be you that starts an argument.


Red says determination, energy and intensity. It is a colour often favoured by powerful women and entrepreneurs and shouts confidence and tenacity. It is also the colour of sex and romance so men will be drawn to you whilst women may find you intimidating. You have a sparkling personality and nothing gets in your way if you can help it.

Our Jeans Speak for us

Our jeans say a lot about us as people and whether we are aware of it or not, the colours we wear do influence others’ perceptions of who and what we are. If you are going somewhere important choose your outfit advisedly in order to make the desired impression and test out the theory but considering the way you react to those around you.


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  • February 28, 2013 at 5:52 am

    I like blue jeans then black.. these 2 colors are my favourite…

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    This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

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