What To Do If Your Favorite Jewelry Breaks

Is there anything more devastating than having one of your favorite pieces of jewelry break? This is especially tragic if you were wearing the piece when the break occurred. Maybe you were reaching for a cup from the cabinet, and your hand got caught in the necklace that you were wearing, pulling the chain loose.jewelry break Perhaps your hand got caught in the door, shattering your bangles. Regardless of what happened, you are desperate to get your piece back into a wearable condition.

If you are unsure as to what you can do when your jewelry has broken and seems ruined, don’t despair. There is hope for you still.  Here are some ideas to help you get those precious gems that you love back to their lovely, usable selves.

1. Check the damage; see if a quick repair is possible.

If all that happened was that a prong on one of your black diamond rings was pulled open, making the diamond loose, then you might be able to gently push back the prong to keep the diamond in place until it can get taken in for proper repair. Obviously, you don’t want to keep wearing the piece, especially if the gem that it’s holding in place is very expensive. At this point, you want to make sure that you can repair the piece as soon as possible.

2. Talk to the jeweler who sold you your piece.

If you found a local jeweler from which you have purchased your gems and baubles, you can go to them and ask for them to take a look at your broken piece. Usually, if the piece is only slightly damaged, you can have them repair it for free or for a nominal fee. They generally want to give you good work for a low cost because they want you to return for future purchases.

 3. Pay homage to unsalvageable pieces.

Sadly, not every jewelry item is salvageable. Maybe your ring setting is irreparable or your necklace chain can’t be fixed. If this is the case, you may have to cut your losses by being creative and finding a way to pay homage to your broken item. This might mean taking the gem from one bauble and having it put on a new ring or necklace, or having an earring turned into a pendant. Though you are not wearing the piece the way you had originally intended, you can still enjoy it to a degree. 

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