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Admittedly a bit of an underdog, the Madrid Fashion Week still managed to draw 30, 000 people in 2012, and this year’s incredible designs are bound to push that total even higher. Not only are 42 Spanish designers showcasing their latest work but, twenty up-and-coming designers have also been given the opportunity to launch their collections in the EGO showroom.

Looking back for inspiration

As the 57th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid draws to a close, it’s possible to highlight some of the general themes and sentiments that dominated the runways this year. The first clues emerged in veteran designer, Francis Montesonos’ collection which harked back to his 1980’s “Made in Spain” collection.

During what is admittedly a very uncertain economic period in Spanish history, many of the designers have created retrospective collections, recalling periods of prosperity in the nation’s past. Another example is Roberto Verino’s “Luxury Collection” which was inspired by the 1920’s and 70’s; both periods remembered as eras of strong public optimism.

Spanish designer dresses

The dress in all of its forms was queen in Miguel Palacio’s collection launched on the first day of this year’s Madrid Fashion Week. The collection has an 80’s flair with characteristic big shoulders and large belts. His chosen colour palette included variations of geranium, bottle green, black and white; the colours lending themselves well to a very urban, edgy range.

Delighting your inner child

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is well known for her ostentatious creations and her fall collection certainly lived up to expectations. Models’ faces were covered by hoods with heart shaped faces made out of bright pink netting. Bold colour as well as the heart shape, along with a strong floral inspiration, dominated the range.

The future is now

Twenty-six year old Andalusian designer Daniel Rabaneda opened the second day with a collection entitled; “What we suffered from the heart”. The range was full of futuristic designs which Vanity Fair reports was inspired by an austere and mystical muse, fabrics included neoprene and wool. Rabaneda previously won a Revelation Designer Award after his debut at the Valencia Fashion Week.

Whilst Madrid Fashion Week might not be as big as its New York sibling, Spanish fashion designers clearly have much to contribute in terms of style and message, both locally and internationally. This blogger predicts that the event will continue to grow in numbers and global influence in years to come.

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Although Pippa Green is a London based blogger her heart is in Spain with its sunny days and stylish citizenry. She’s been engrossed in seeing creations coming through from the Madrid Fashion Week; from dresses to flowing tops and cashmere jumpers it’s all delightfully stylish. 

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