Why Buy Beautiful Bracelets

Bracelets have got to be one of the most versatile items of any women’s jewellery collection.  Think of all the options: silver bracelets, gold bracelets or bracelets made from some other material like leather or cord; bracelets with jewels or without; bracelets that are delicate or big and bold; charm bracelets; friendship bracelets; even women’s watches can look more like decorative bracelets than traditional timepieces.star-pearl-bracelet

It is also possible to wear bracelets even around your upper arm or ankle, though most women tend to wear them around their wrist.  Silver bracelets are more common amongst younger women but gold bracelets have universal appeal because of their intrinsic value.

If you love shopping for bracelets or women’s watches, bear in mind that they ought to coordinate with your other jewellery if you are planning to wear more than one item of jewellery at a time.  For example, if all your necklaces are gold, then silver bracelets are definitely going to clash a bit.  The only exception to this is that most married women wear gold wedding and engagement rings but as these are worn all the time you probably don’t even think about them when selecting other jewellery to wear for the day – and nor will anyone else.

Silver bracelets look great at work or when you’re out socialising casually.  If you are heading out to a dressier occasion then gold jewellery is usually going to be more appropriate.  Women’s watches that have a bracelet strap should be worn on your right wrist if you are left-handed and on your left wrist if you are right-handed and again your daytime watch should be swapped for something more formal or elegant for a special night out.

There are loads of different styles of bracelets to choose from.  Bangles look great and can be worn on their own or with other bangles, whilst delicate chain bracelets look best on their own.  Now that better weather is on its way at last you can show off your bracelets to greater effect by wearing short sleeves, since bracelets tend to get a little lost when you wear long sleeves.

Perhaps the only down side of buying bracelets is that they can be fiddly to put on if they have a clasp.  This becomes easier with practice, but there are also styles available that don’t have a clasp so you can just slip it on quickly and easily: women’s watches that have straps that look like bracelets are usually easy to slip on with an elasticated or expanding band.  But the choice is completely up to you.

Have a look online or in store at some beautiful designs of bracelets by Links of London.  You can even choose to have your bracelets personalised with an engraving or a charm that means something special to you.  You can gear up any bracelet to help is compliment your personally.  Everyone can find a bracelet to suit their unique tastes and Links of London has a huge range – have fun shopping!

This is a guest post by Claire Chat a new Londoner, travel passionate and animal lover. She blogs about Pets and Travelling in Europe. If you want Claire to write you specific content, you can find email her here or contact her on Twitter (Claire_Chat).


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