Why Friendship Bracelets Are So Popular

While many retailers report falling sales in just about every area as the economy continues its downward trend, jewellers in the UK and jewellers in London in particular are reporting that we are still spending money on jewellery.  We are spending more money on jewellery than one might expect of a nation that is deep in recession and that has seen tens of thousands of job losses and redundancies.

Friendship bracelets in particular are proving to be very popular, and this might be because in times of hardship friendships can be tested.  These hard times are when we most need our friends and most often realise just how much our friends enrich our lives.  People often give friendship bracelets to each other as birthday or Christmas gifts, or after their friend has gone the extra mile to help them or be there for them. 

Friendship bracelets are usually made of cord whilst some designer friendship bracelets are made with hand-woven thread and can even be personalised with an engraving on the toggle.  Typically friendship bracelets have simple designs and may incorporate sterling silver as part of their design. 

They are designed to be lightweight and comfortable so that they can be worn all the time, which is part of the function of this type of bracelet (the idea being that the bracelet should remain on for as long as the friendship lasts, i.e. forever).  For this reason they need to be durable and well made.  Links of London has several friendship bracelets available in many different colours, from muted, neutral tones to brighter, colourful designs so you can choose whether you want your friend’s bracelet to be understated or bold.

If you are considering buying a friendship bracelet for your friend, think about their usual style of dress and what sort of job they do.  You want to buy something that they will feel comfortable wearing, and if they have a professional job they may feel uneasy wearing a bright pink friendship bracelet to work.  Or they might be very outgoing and youthful and like nothing more than to wear jewellery that reflects their personality: bold, bright and exuberant. 

Choose your friend’s bracelet carefully.  Visit one of the jewellers in London (for example, Links of London) and ask to see their range of colours and styles.  If you can’t get to London, look online – the photos and descriptions of the products are so clear that you won’t have any difficulties in identifying a bracelet that your friend will love.

Friendship bracelets can be worn by men or women and indeed many men are choosing to wear bracelets as they become more and more mainstream.  Gone are the days when men would only wear a watch and a wedding ring, and bracelets are probably the next most widely-accepted piece of jewellery across all age ranges. 

The really nice thing about friendship bracelets is that if you are having a tough day, a simple glance at your wrist will remind you that there are people in the world who love and care about you.  Give your friend a friendship bracelet and give them a ‘virtual hug’ whenever they need it most. 

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