Why Maxi Dresses Are So Popular

You may have been wondering how the maxi dress has become such a successful piece in many women’s wardrobes. Initially they were popularised by celebrities and models but their resounding popularity is with regular women. Everywhere you look, especially, in summer there are women adorned with maxi dresses of all colours and designs. Maxi dresses can be strapless, asymmetrical, spaghetti straps or long sleeved. The myriad variations of maxi dresses is part of the reason for their popularity with women. Maxi dresses are extremely versatile and can be worn or stylised in a number of different ways. They are the ideal wardrobe item for every single women, no matter her size or shape. If you pick the right one for your body, maxi dresses are very flattering and slimming. Styled correctly they can even make shorter women appear taller and everyone appear slimmer!maxi dress

Size Matters

Shorter women need to be careful to pick the right cut of maxi dress so they aren’t swallowed up by the fabric. Close cut styles that are tight to the body work well for shorter women. Opting for a simple colour or print will make you appear more streamlined and therefore taller. Low cut maxi dresses are also a good option for shorter women and v-necked dresses are ideal if you are pear shaped. Due to the length of the dresses, make sure you don’t get one that is too long. Wearing heels with your maxi dress is another way to appear taller and if you are shorter then no one will see the extra lift they are giving you!

All Year Long

The maxi dress is clothing that doesn’t stop giving! They can be worn in summer or winter. Perfect as a beach cover up, you could even go straight from the beach to bar in a gorgeous maxi dress. They cover all your imperfections from the waist down so even if you are attending a fancy event you needn’t worry about leg care! Leg cover is great in winter when you are sporting pasty pins and in summer when you have fallen prey to mosquito bites. Maxi dresses are seen more frequently in summer but that doesn’t mean you only have to wear them when the sun shines. This is especially good news in tempestuous climate, where rain or wind often threatens a sunny day. Layer up your maxi dress on colder days. Thick tights and a black polo neck work well with most styles. You could just throw on a denim or leather jacket for wear in the autumnal months.

Any Occasion

Maxi dresses can be styled to suit any occasion whether you are attending a wedding, a picnic in the park or shopping. Adding the right accessories can make a maxi dress as dressed up or casual as you want. For a beach day just add sandals and a pendant and for an event add a belt, skyscraper heels and beautiful earrings. They are easy and stylish to wear, it is no wonder they are so popular and will continue to be so for many years to come!

Corinne Kemp – Fashion and Lifstyle Writer for Lilylola